The government reveals that Middle East Airlines has joined forces with GH Bank to open low-interest loans.

Karam reveals that Middle East Airlines has joined GH Bank to open low-interest loans. For those wishing to apply for a loan or additional loan to purchase equipment or facilities, products and services of the Capital Electricity Authority, installments for up to 20 years, starting from just 800 baht per month.

The government, through the Metropolitan Electricity Authority or MEA, as a state enterprise agency under the Ministry of the Interior, said today (October 21, 2023) Mr. Karome Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office. It has an important mission under the Energy for City Life vision, revitalizing smart living in leading the energy for city lifestyle. In addition to the main mission of electricity distribution, MEA also currently operates the related business KEN by MEA which responds to electricity demand and covers 4 services, namely electrical system design and installation work, EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction), electrical system maintenance work PM. (Preventive maintenance), solar cell installation works, and electric vehicle services (EV Charger) works, which include a team of professional consultants with experience in electrical work. There are safe installation standards. Ready to provide advice by expert engineers. Even receive notification of problems 24 hours a day.

Mr. Crom said that MEA is cooperating with the Government Housing Bank (GH Bank), a government financial institution. Issuing measures to help public sector clients have greater access to loans at low interest rates by creating “2023-ready loans”. Interest rates in years 1-2 equal MRR-2% per annum (4.90%), year 3 equals MRR-0.75% per annum (6.15%), and the average interest rate for the first three years equals 5.316% per annum and for the fourth year until the period The entire nodes are equal to MRR (GH Bank’s MRR interest rate is currently 6.90% per annum) For those who want to request a loan or additional loan for the purchase of equipment or facilities for products and services of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority that uses environmentally friendly energy, installments for up to 20 years, and in the case of a loan of 100,000 baht, installment payments start from only 800 baht per month.

“This collaboration aims to facilitate people’s access to KEN by MEA services more easily by requesting low-interest loans. It helps to increase the options available to people to obtain electrical service with high safety standards. Increase efficiency in the use of electricity and use of environmentally friendly energy. Enhance energy sustainability. “In accordance with government policy,” Mr. Karome said, improving the quality of life for people.

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