Box Review, A Haunted Box Hides Death, Final Episode: Joey writes a farewell letter to Lake, blaming himself for abandoning his younger sister.

“review The box, the haunted box that hides death, the final episode Alleviate all doubt Non (Lek Apichai Trakulpaditkrai) Freedom from impurity after knowing the truth. Who is the younger sister? Prang Thep or Leader (Joy Rinlani Sribin) Leave a farewell message to the world. Hero (Prem Waros Chavalitrojewong) I can only blame myself for being a coward Peppermint (nara thepnova) Noun encouraged his father. Finally we understand each other

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Review of the box: The haunted box that hides death, the last episode.

In room 801 Lydia (Joy Rinlani) Sitting in a pool of blood in the bathroom with his face badly damaged. Sit down and breathe heavily Hero (Prem Warut) He ran to meet a volunteer to take you to the bathroom. But Lydia chases Champ away. Go back to the day Lydia gave evidence. After physically assaulting him, she said she came to stay at the apartment. This place is alone and she insists she has never caused anyone any trouble. One day, 5 men and a woman came to her room and assaulted her. Even having to stay in the hospital for treatment for a week and then I went to report the crime. You can just keep a daily diary. In addition, when she found more evidence to present to the police instead, he himself was interrogated. The person who came to report it just wanted safety.

The image cuts to the present. Other than (Lake Gracey Café) Sit and think about something. Peppermint (nara thepnova) It is said that the person who complains the most is the hero. Nunbrak’s daughter says we have no proof. No wonder who killed Prang or Lydia. Who is his younger sister and who exactly brought Leder here? Later, Non and Mint went looking for a brokerage company that was looking for a room for them. Officials said it was a strange case. Because Lydir sets the selling price so Non can buy it. Thus giving a very cheap price and when he returned to his room, Noon called his wife. Runge (premcin cream) I’m going to look for more information. He will go out to listen to Lydia’s autopsy results again. When they arrived in front of Lydia’s other room, the room did not have a lock on the door. Mint then opened it. In the room there was a picture of Lydia. Upon reaching the living room, Nunn quickly ran to punch the sitting hero. Mint quickly stopped him. Champ says he’s also looking for clues about who made the social media post. “And he knew it was Lydia herself. Non couldn’t believe it. Champ found that Lydia had posted in advance. Especially the last photo that Non should see the most. It’s a family photo of Non and Lydia. He didn’t sit and cry and apologize to his younger sister who died. He called Mint Gir to take a look at Lydia’s bedroom. A red box was found on the bed. Gir opened the box and looked. It was Lydia’s doll that Nun used to burn when he was a child, and Nun was even sadder. He picked up the letter and read it. It was a letter Ledir had written to himself. She had a seizure when I was a child, and it is an outlet for the suffering she experienced.

Back to the day Lydia sat in a pool of blood in the bathroom. I chased Champ away for a while. Teacher Sorn (Tut Thutsapon), Jay Mayo (Mom Laconix), Ying (Po Wanda), Nana (Per Vatsaranan), Kit (Daya Tonawanik) They ran to see, everyone was shocked, and everyone spoke as if they were worried. Lydia vows to drag everyone into hell together. The woman just stood and watched and said nothing. Lydia chases everyone away again. And then I went to report the crime. The police could only keep a diary, and Leder remembered the secret slowly. The bad things that everyone has hidden during their time alive. She secretly appointed someone to upload clips and photos on the days and times she specified. He stressed that everything should be a secret. In the corner of the apartment the housekeeper is taking out the trash. Then, Leder walked in and secretly stuck a camera in the trash. To look at everyone’s behavior and see it as an opportunity for people to change their minds. Mother but her older brother Nun intends to come to her room

Lydia decides to plan to harm herself in the bathroom. He pretended to call Geir to come see him before whispering in his ear and calling P’Pon, which is her brother’s name, that she was willing to sacrifice her life for change so that whoever did wrong would be punished. The picture moves to the present time after reading the message. He cried a lot. The hero and non-hero can only blame themselves. Myint says we should tell people that Leder committed suicide. She plans to send boxes to everyone in order to be exonerated once and for all. The police later hold a press conference regarding Lydia’s death. That it was an intentional suicide during the press conference and after hearing that he ordered not to file a lawsuit seemed very uncomfortable. Myint sat and read the comments saying that people on social media were still criticizing Noon. She invites her father to open the ninth box. Noon says that’s enough, it’s okay. As for the words, they are the result of his actions that he must accept. Geir apologizes to Mint for lying and not paying attention to Mint’s words. Two fathers and their sons came to an understanding. Rainbow sat and watched happily. Mint decides to call Rainbow’s mom. He apologized to Rong and his younger brother who was often stubborn, and Nun asked his wife and children if he wanted to sell this apartment. And then go home. Is everyone ok?

Mint went to Champ to say goodbye, and Champ said that he must really miss Mint. She apologized to the hero for not believing him in the first place. The champion also apologized to Mint. Mint asks Champ to come back and create a YouTube channel again. The hero decided to comply with the request. To erase her cowardice, a woman sat in room 806, watching the news of Inspector Kane’s arrest, and she was very nervous and called her father to ask him to help her husband. Doctor’s Set (Be Sweet) Because I really can’t live without him, the woman is very stressed. The daughter came and asked to play with her younger brother (who was not present). She attacked her daughter. The woman inhaled the drug, causing her to hallucinate. She went down to look for her daughter playing at home. Parking building. His daughter was hit by a car and died. The woman was sad and cried a lot. Mint and Champ begin their mission to find his true identity again. As for Noun, after he returned his family to the homeland. Everyone seemed very happy. We understand each other more. Later, Rong came to meet the director. To bring up the scenario I wrote about a real killer one day, Mint’s younger brother was playing football in front of the house. There was a man holding a red box and saying: Oh, I know what my family did. Follow and watch the series “The Box is a Haunted Box that Hides and Dies” and all its episodes now. Watch for free only on the TrueID website.

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