Is the iPhone 15 still worth buying?

problem iPhone 15 series

After the iPhone 15 series which consists of iPhone 15, iPhone15 pro, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone The 15 Pro Max has been available for sale in Thailand since Friday, September 22. Even now, one month later, there is still no news and trends to be heard. This usually involves experiencing problems with both software and hardware. In this article we will collect the problems that occur. iPhone 15 series over the past month

1. The machine is easily scratched.

The device scratches easily, which is the first problem we heard from the moment we opened the box. The body of the iPhone 15 Pro series has been changed to use premium materials such as Titanium Grade 5, the same material used in the space industry for missions on Mars, which is stronger, more durable and lighter. But the next problem is that the titanium surface scratches very easily. When you hold the device for a long time, it leaves fingerprints. Previously, some users were concerned that the discolouration would last forever.

Apple has come out to make this clear: It’s temporary. It may be modified by Apple with additional information. About cleaning iPhone On the one hand iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max says that oil in the skin reacts with the titanium. May cause discolouration around edges iPhone Change the clean wipe timer iPhone With a soft, lint-free, slightly damp cloth. It will help return the color to its original state. For users who are still uncomfortable, you can order a cleaning cloth from apple Yes at 790 baht.

2. The machine is hot.

Overheating of the device is the next problem for users. iPhone 15 Pro Series Many people have encountered the problem of the device getting abnormally hot while using it. Experts have analyzed that the reason is likely to come from apple A17 Pro, which is a new chip from apple (chip apple The A17 Pro is manufactured by TSMC using the world’s first 3nm technology. But when comparing the performance with the old version, it was found that there is no significant difference. The central processing unit is 10% faster and the graphics processing unit is 20% faster. According to the information, it is stated that apple The A17 Pro uses the same architecture as the A17 Pro apple The A16, where most of the optimizations have been made to improve cache, speed, and GPU performance, is all about the basics. apple) and the production of chips using 3nm technology is still not fully developed, causing apple Choose Reduce Quality apple The A17 Pro can be installed using increased wattage methods or using higher power. To increase the performance of the chip, which causes more heat as well

road apple He came out to clarify that this was due to a software issue. Caused by a malfunction internal control Department 17, and some third-party applications cause an increase in the load on the new A17 Pro processor. As a result, there are problems with heat. It’s not about the chip. apple A17 Pro which apple Solve the problem by releasing internal control Department 17.0.3 is a new version released for users to update to fix this issue. We also coordinate with app developers to customize apps to avoid long-term issues.

3. The battery is swollen.

Swollen battery issue It is a problem that persists due to the device overheating. This caused some users to experience symptoms of battery swelling to the point of pressure on the phone screen iPhone The 15 Pro has a bulge, which if left in place can quickly degrade the battery and damage internal components. This problem will disappear if the device temperature decreases.

4. The back cover breaks easily.

Easily breaking the back cover is another problem that arises. YouTube channel number JerryRigEverything has been tested for strength iPhone 15 Pro Max, by bending the device with bare hands, I found that the back glass broke very easily. But the device is still normal and not damaged. He went on to say that the back window’s iPhone The 15 Pro Max breaks easily like this, which may be why its back glass repair costs are so high. iPhone The 15 Pro Max phone is cheap, as the price of repairing the back glass apple At a price of 7490 baht, while the price of repairing the rear window iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is priced at 21,990 baht on iFixit, which often has a video tutorial on how to disassemble the machine to fix it yourself. He came out to warn him iPhone The 15 Pro Max also has an easy-to-break back cover.

This solution is recommended for users interested in the back window. Find a case to use it with iPhone 15 Pro Max so you don’t have to worry about scratches and broken back covers.

5. The screen has burn-in symptoms. Also known as combustion

There are users iPhone The 15 Pro reported an issue that the screen had a burn-in condition. Screen burn-in can occur iPhone Other models as well This is caused by permanent discoloration of the screen pigments. It will clearly show stuck results and overlay of images, letters or other things. It is a direct result of the hardware, not the software. However, the display and touch screen can still be used as usual. The cause is turning the screen brightness too bright, keeping the screen on for too long, or setting the automatic screen off time too slowly. The big factor that is an activator is heat.

For this case I found that after updating the device to internal control Department 17.1 RC or Release Candidate, this problem is gone. We can conclude that the problem is caused by software. It’s not the hardware itself.

6. Abnormal sound in the speaker

The latest issue found is this has been reported iPhone 15 All models now have extraordinary sound coming from their speakers. When the volume of the unit is increased, sound comes from above and below the speaker position.

The current solution for some users who are experiencing such symptoms is to change the device to apple any apple Agree to change without compensation. But the replaced device still has the same problem as before.

I’m still waiting now apple He came out to clarify this further: Is this problem caused by software or hardware?

These are all problems caused by users. iPhone Series 15, some issues have already been fixed. While some problems are waiting to be solved. We hope this information is useful to those who are considering purchasing one. iPhone 15 series

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