25 years in Thak Pai, the southern thugs who caused trouble in Narathiwat bombed!

Narathiwat 0 Southern bandits terrorize Narathiwat Bombing of gold shops, power poles, several checkposts. Fortunately there were no casualties before the 25th anniversary of Thak Bhai Gang. But the officers’ ears rang due to the blast.

On October 21, 2023 at 1:30 PM, Police Lt. Col. Jarukit Sreed, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Thakpai, Narathiwat, Superintendent of Police, Thakpai, Narathiwat. A complaint was received that criminals had hurled a bomb. A gold shop, an electric pole and firing were carried out at several check posts in Thak Bai district of Narathiwat province. So, along with a large number of military police officers, they rushed to the scene to investigate the incident.

Got it at Golden Supermarket. It is located at No. 7/23 Moo 1, Dampan Jae Hee, the culprit secretly placed an improvised explosive device in a fire extinguisher near the front door of the shop. The accused detonated the bomb, damaging the shop’s front door and awning. And about 50 meters away, this Dhaba checkpoint was attacked by an unknown number of assailants using M16 AK rifles and lobbing pipe bombs. Firing took place at the checkpoint. As a result, 7 check post officers also absconded. Both sides exchanged gunfire for more than 25 minutes, with officers on the radio calling for reinforcements ready to use their personal weapons to fire back at the group of criminals.

After that, Deputy Superintendent of Thak Pai Police Station Lt Col Kitty Mankong brought a Reva vehicle with 11 soldiers including 7 administrative personnel to help. As he entered, he heard gunshots. Seeing them coming to their aid, the criminals retreated. The checkpoint was found damaged. All employees are safe. But since the outbreak he has developed symptoms of tinnitus.

The injured police officer was admitted to Dagbai Hospital for treatment. Next Known Names 1. Police Lieutenant Saroon Sandong, tinnitus 2. Police Sergeant Mek Thenmuk, tinnitus Somkid Sa-u, tinnitus in ears, tightness in chest, bruises. Abrasions.

Later, the authorities got a tip-off that the criminals had secretly hurled a bomb at a roadside electricity pole. About 200 meters away from the incident site, the power pole broke and did not fall across the road. Also, another bomb, which was kept by the accused, was found at the base of the electric pole on the opposite side of the road. So the officials reserved the place for re-examination by the concerned department.

Also the villagers informed the authorities and two improvised explosive devices were found, the culprits were at Humoranat road, village no. 6, they were kept ready for use at the base of a pole in the Se He sub-circle. As a result, the authorities reserved the place. Villagers passing by fear that they will be harmed.

At the same time Ban Charing of Kosit sub-district, village no. 1 and Pan Bogo, village no. 2 Officials received information about an explosion at a power pole at Thak Pai Road, Su-Nai Kolok at the intersection. From the investigation, it was discovered that the perpetrators used an unidentified fire extinguisher attached to the base of the first and second power poles in Su-Ngai Kolok District. Ten power poles fell and broke in the blast, blocking the road. Officials blocked traffic.

Also, a complaint was lodged about the incident of criminals secretly hurling a bomb at an electric pole in Moono police station area. Ban Kwa Lo Mate, Village No. 4, Muno Sub-District, Su-Ngai Kolok District, resulting in the breaking of a utility pole, another utility pole adjacent to it, where the culprit was found to have placed an explosive device in a fire extinguisher. The authorities cordoned off the area to inspect the electric pole in the morning. Officials have allocated space to the Explosives Collection Unit and Science Unit officers to examine evidence related to the culprits. The initial assumption was that the insurgent group had carried out the incident near Tak Bhai’s anniversary on October 25, 2004, the 20th anniversary of the Tak Bhai gang in 2023, by which time the gang had disbanded. There were many casualties and injuries.

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