The first meeting between the Socialist Party and La France was aimed at reaching an agreement on the legislative elections.

Agreement on Assembly Elections Around LFI: Julian Beau (EELV) believes talks are advancing, but draws red line on Europe and nuclear power

In support of the agreement with La France insoumise (LFI) for legislative elections, with whom the EELV is currently negotiating, Julian Beau called for the creation of an organization. “Alliance” Left-wing forces are not there to march on the “rebels.” He recalled that international issues – both sides differ widely – were set aside to move forward during the talks. “International is not really the domain of the National Assembly”Rather that “President”.

Regarding retirement at the age of 60, Mr. Supported by M மெlenchon’s plan, during the presidential election campaign, Yannick Jodot appealed for the maintenance of the retirement age at 62, Mr. Bayou argued: “We are discussing it (…) We do not want a drop of warm water, we do not want too little public sector. ⁇ Thus requested EELV “La France has to cover their costs because, in fact, retiring at 60 is a big ambition. [mais] It requires efforts that we cannot do anywhere else. For example, about ecological change ”.

On the topic of the European Union in great disagreement, Mr. Mr. Bayou yesterday. He drew the first red line, similar to Jatot: “Organizing a la carte Europe is not questionable (R). Putting a finger on the gear that will drive France out of Europe is questionable. ⁇ Question was raised about the opposing positions between EELV and PCF regarding nuclear power When ecologists want to get out of it, the Communists want to bet on the power of the atom – Julian Beau reaffirms his party’s position. , And again and again: “For us, it’s not in the agreement.” If you tell me, we have to leave Europe and go back to nuclear power, it’s without us. “This deal, he argued.

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Number of environmental representatives negotiating with LFI “The last offer we offer is 15 to 20% off 165 blocks”, Mr. Said about thirty places for ghosts, or environmental activists. He also said he was in favor of changing the banner of the rally in the strategy “Union of People’s Ecologists”But the Greens were fired.

“However, we say that if Jean-Luc Mélenchon offers the same political opportunity in the legislative elections as in the presidential election, it will have the same effect.”, Or disunity and failure to gain power, was considered an environmental activist. Regarding the end date of the talks and the possible agreement, “We have to finish this weekend or this weekend”.

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