The final test before setting off at the end of this month, the Himalayas 450 5000 km 24 passengers | 3 Himalayan peaks | One task

The new Himalayan 450 and the final test – the ultimate test

In 2016, Royal Enfield, the motorcycle brand with the longest continuous production line in the world, launched the ‘Himalayan’ model with the aim of creating a motorcycle engine system that could connect with the power of the Himalayan. Take riders through the mountains on every route. And ready to be the ultimate adventurer together!

The Himalayas were born in the Himalayas. It’s a simple motorcycle. Designed for multi-purpose use to help transmit the powerful energy of the Himalayas to riders ready to embark on adventures around the world. Over the years, the Himalayan has proven to be the perfect companion for riders on many epic adventures, including the Search for the Pole – Antarctica expedition. The Karakoram Track and all of that prove the strength of the Himalayas that can handle any road. All terrain and ready for every continent around the world

To this day, 7 years have passed since the birth of the first Himalayas. Just as the world around us continued to evolve at the same time. With the Himalayas continuing to stand strong as well. So it’s time for the Himalayas to evolve too! The name Himalaya is not only named after the Himalayan mountain range. But it was also born and inspired by the majesty of the Himalayas, which still has the strength and spirit of the adventurer to this day.

During August last year the entire test and development team at Royal Enfield along with members of the management team tested the new Himalayan along the natural routes of the Himalayas. Since then, the Himalayan has been tested on many tracks around the world for months. Today is the final test. A journey that will require the courage of motorcyclists designed to take on the world’s toughest tests!

This time, 24 contestants will cross the limits. The goal is to travel together over 5,000 kilometers across three Himalayan peaks. From the route past from its factory site in Oragadam, Chennai, to the world’s highest mountain pass, Umling La in Ladakh, for long-distance motorcycle testing. Cross tracks in open nature surroundings with real weather and driving conditions. Before we transfer this trust to our customers

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