Bow to the land of Thailand! Thai workers board Air Force flight to Thailand, 139: PPTVHD36

A Thai worker knelt down on the airport runway after disembarking from the plane. Ready to express your feelings I was happy and glad that I could survive. After having to run to dodge bullets

Upon arrival at the Wing 6 military airport, the 139 Thai workers disembarked from an Air Force plane and entered the immigration checkpoint. Then, a Thai worker knelt down on the airport runway.

Tell the story of the moment you escaped death. Hamas surrounded the factory! He was in hiding for 3 days before being rescued

Open the names of 137 workers returning to Thailand, the 4th batch will arrive in Thailand on October 16.

Mr. Nitat Panthasri is a Thai worker from Nong Kai province who left his hometown to work in Israel for 3 years. He said that he bowed to the ground because he was happy and glad to be back. Ready to tell the story of what happened to him. I had to dodge bullets at many places and when I went out I was hit by bullets and could not go anywhere. Today he wants to bow to the land of his birth as he is considered a survivor.

Capt. Charon Watanasreemongol, deputy director of the Office of Policy and Planning and head of the Air Force Operations Department’s Thai evacuation operation, said the operation went smoothly and safely this time. A total of 139 workers were able to withdraw and one person did not return to work.

After this, the Thai authorities will adjust the plan to evacuate Thai people to welcome them at Fujairah Airport. In return, the UAE will help increase the number of flights. There is a short distance and it takes around 5 hours. The next flight departs on October 25th at 2:40 AM for Dubai’s Fujairah Airport and returns to Thailand at 5:00 PM on the same day, the 2nd flight of the day is on October 28th and flight 3 is on October 31st. .

Regarding the return of Thai workers, the Ministry of Labor reported that a total of 2,823 Thai workers are currently traveling, 8,439 have registered to return to Thailand, and 118 have said they will not return.

During the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed about the condition of Thai people affected in Israel. As of October 21, 2023, 30 people have died, 2 additional injuries have been reported, for a total of 18, and 19 are believed to be detained. According to published information, 31 people have died. This number has not been confirmed.

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