Tha Kham Cold Store The team regained the group by attacking the Blue Wave 2-0, brutally defeating Bangkok in a Futsal League battle.

Reclaim the leader! Tha Kham Cold Storage They continued to shine, as they beat Blue Wave Chonburi 2-0, maintaining their unbeaten record, and overtaking them to return to the top of the table, while Bangkok side BTS were in brutal form, attacking and defeating NT Futsal Club 11- 3. To the top five Thai Futsal League 2023 Match 18

Thai Futsal League 2023, second leg, Match 18, Sunday 22 October 2023, 3 matches, Super Big match, at Blue Wave Arena (Chonburi Municipality), Chonburi District “Lake Table Sharks”, Blue Wave Chonburi, 11 times . The league champions, who are in third place with 42 points from 17 matches, led by “Captain Arm” Suphawut Thuanklang, the second-highest scorer in the league with 16 goals, open their stadium to welcome the visit. “Thep Phra Chai” Tha Kham for cold storage before the match, fell to second place behind Black Pearl. United won yesterday’s match and rose to the top of the standings, after playing 17 matches with 49 points, led by Ryan Gomez, the league’s top scorer with 30 goals, which was the way it was in the first leg. Tha Kham Cold Store opened home ground to defeat Blue Wave Chonburi 3-1

In the first half, both teams tried to control the ball, looking for opportunities to score and advance, and at the age of 12, Blue Wave Chonburi had the opportunity to score a goal and advance first. From the moment Thkham Cold Room committed its sixth foul, the second penalty point was lost. Felipe Leite was responsible for the killing and missed a shot that went out of bounds, causing the team to not score any goals before the 18th minute, Tha Kham Cold Store came to score and take the lead. From the Blue Wave’s sixth foul, Chonburi also lost their second penalty point, and it was Ryan Gomez who took charge of the kill, choosing to shoot from the foul point without missing a beat. Take Tha Kham Cold Storage to a 1-0 lead and end the first half with that score.

In the second half, Blue Wave Chonburi tried to find an opportunity to equalize. At the end of the match, the home team chose to play a power play, and before the 35th minute, Thakham returned to the cooldown to score the second goal. From the home team’s strong play, the ball came the way of the visiting team’s goalkeeper, Charoenphong Prasansat. A shot from long range into their own territory put the team ahead 2-0, after which there were no more goals, the match was over, and Blue Wave Chonburi lost at home to Tha Kham Cold Storage 0-2, propelling the visitors to victory. 52 points from 18 matches, successfully surpassing the group lead, while the locals played 18 matches with 42 points as before.

As for the results of the remaining two matches, NT Futsal Club, ranked 13th, lost to its guest, Bangkok BTS, ranked sixth, with a score of 3-11, with the visiting team earning three points and climbing to the top spot. Successfully, Northeastern University lost to Thammasat Stallions 2-9.

For the Thai Futsal League 2023 schedule, second leg, match 19, Saturday, October 28, 2023, Sunday, October 29, 23, there are a total of 7 matches, Saturday, October 28, 23. At 3:00 PM, Surat Thani meets Phetchaburi Rajabhat Arena Chang Tapi, Surat Thani Province, and is broadcast live on Youtube Futsalthailand, T Sports 7 free-to-air TV channel and apps, at 4:30 p.m. Thammasat Stallions meet Blue Wave Chonburi at Gymnasium 6, Thammasat University, Rangsit Centre, live stream on YouTube app FutsalThailand and T-Sports 7, 6pm Nonthaburi Futsal Club meets Royal Navy at Lam Phu Stadium, Nonthaburi Province, live stream on YouTube, Futsalthailand App and T Sports 7 App At 7:30 PM Black Pearl United will meet Northeastern University at Sports Building 1, SWU Ongkharak, Nakhon Nayok District, live stream on Youtube Futsalthailand and NT Sports 7 App.

While on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 4:30 pm, Bangkok BTS will meet the Thai Army Futsal Team. At the 72nd Anniversary Building of Shalerm Phrakiat, Minburi, broadcast live on Youtube Futsalthailand, T Sports 7 free TV channel and app, at 6:00pm, Tha Kham Cold Storage takes on NT Futsal Club in Tha Kham Sanam Chai, Samut Province HOT, LIVE on Youtube Futsalthailand and T Sports 7 App At 7:30pm, Kasem Bundit FC takes on Port Authority ASM at the Gymnasium, 12th Floor, Kasem Bundit University, Romklao Campus. Live Stream on Youtube Futsalthailand and App. Sports application 7

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