Timberland is celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of its icons

shoes The original TIMBERLAND® shoe The iconography of the shoe has passed through many cultures. Through an era of constant change and still connected bringing together people who love outdoor adventures, hip-hop, fashion and creative self-expression. Like no other brand can do.

Since 1973, the company’s impressive innovations have been in the field of water resistance Timberland® It brought about changes in the shoe industry. It has grown to be loved by people in many cultures around the world. Whether it’s the Japanese culture known as “paninari” in Milan, Italy since the late 1980s, or the rave scene in England and the early 1990s in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, the boot Timberland® It has become a symbol of freedom of expression. Be yourself and mix Western and Japanese styles. With a deep connection she is a legend among Timberland® With hip hop culture starting in the early 1990s, it has been cited as a major factor in it Timberland® It is known today.

Latest Timberland® The flight has officially entered its 50th year. By organizing an event Timberland is celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of its icons To celebrate yellow shoes by combining Color explosion even in Shop Timberland Concept, for menShoes and bags, second floor. Event eSpace District, Emporium Department Store with Edward Lee (VF CompanyRegional Director) And Kongpat Tanchirasakul (Deputy General Manager – Bina House Public Company Limited) He led the team to open the event and artists from the company were also there. High cloud entertainment like F.hero, Bear knuckle, You break it, northern Artist from the camp worldwide in Pan – saranawat or Bunyaarb And Porsche Join the great party with the perfect 1973 Bronx street party atmosphere.

At the party there was work on designing patterns on shoes. Timberland Original shoes From 6 Thai artists: Nares Monessen (@billyboom_ms)Patipat Bintawana (@natkay)Kamonwan Yurirak (@simpleseasun)Kochamon Anopulmani (@monning_mon)Thetiboom Phitsangkat (@anofficerdies) And @benxblues.studio Come and join in creating pattern designs using different techniques through concepts. This is not a shoe, it is fabric. This would be a very cool rare item to display at this event.

And for
Timberland holiday 50 year She is completely prepared. celebrate also Limited edition set Colorblast 6 inch shoes, hat And the hood inIt arrives 7 shades You can order products via Line @timberlandth And a store Line 24kilates @24kilatesbkk

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