The development team is very confused! I found that over 10,000 of us players haven't updated their game version for two and a half years!?

Friday, March 29, 2024 0 hours 45 minutes 13 seconds Indochina time

Usually when the game version is updated. You will have to sit and wait for the game to download and install the new patch. To keep the game updated or fix some bugs, however Innersloth Who develops famous games Between us There must be a time when I am confused. Because I discovered it Over 10,000 players are still playing the two and a half year old version of the game!

Between us It has been open since 2018, although it did not become immediately popular. But it gained great popularity after a few years. But it turns out that instead, many players are updating the game to keep up with the current version. But they are still playing the old version of the game in 2021!?

The number of players who have not been updated is very large, up to 10,000 people andMost of them are Xbox gamers. As the game is still the most popular continuously. Therefore this task created a lot of confusion for Innersloth developers.

One understandable reason for this is that Xbox doesn't automatically update game versions like other platforms. Sometimes players will have to go to the Library menu to check for the update and then download it manually, so many Xbox users who don't follow the news don't know that a new version of the game has been released.

It turns out that many people missed the new character roles, such as engineers who can dive through tubes or scientists. Which can check the crew's pulse or even pose an exciting hide-and-seek situation without knowing anything about it…

So the team had to secretly ask you to update the game! If you have not updated to the current version, do not forget. Otherwise, you will miss a lot of fun from the past.

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