A 70-year-old grandmother cared for a baby hedgehog overnight before taking him to the vet, and Shockfield reveals he's not a hedgehog!

Oh… the heart-wrenching viral story of a grandmother caring for a “little hedgehog” she encountered overnight. Finding bed and food Before taking him to the vet, it was revealed that Shock Elephant was not a hedgehog!

According to reports, she met a 70-year-old woman by chance “baby hedgehog” On the curb, I brought her home and took good care of her. Place a small plate of food next to him and let him lie down in the newspaper box. But when I saw that he didn't move or defecate all night. The next day he was rushed to see the vet with great concern.

Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital in Knutsford. UK Hospital staff saw it and knew immediately… it wasn't a hedgehog.

officer “Janet Kutz” Narration of the incident: “I opened the box and couldn't believe what I saw. I thought for sure it wasn't a hedgehog. But maybe it was another furry animal… I know it doesn't move at all. So I picked it up. And it was clear from the weight I felt that it wasn't a porcupine or any animal at all.” β€œ.

In the end I decided to return it to its original box. And I had to tell my good grandmother honestly β€œIt's actually a silk tassel that you put on your hat.”

However, Janet also said that we shouldn't find hedgehogs wandering around outside during the day. Especially if it's a small hedgehog like this, if you find one you should take it to a rescue center. So I admired this grandmother's heart. She felt that what she was doing was the right thing regardless of the fact that he wasn't a hedgehog…

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