The Thai War Elephants lost to Team Ginseng 3-0, regaining their embarrassment.

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March 29, 2024 05:05 AM

The goal of philosophy is the logical clarification of thought.

Miracles do not exist. Because in the second meeting, South Korea defeated the “Thai war elephants” 3-0 in front of the eyes of the 30th Prime Minister Sitha Thavisin and Lisa Manoban, or “Lisa Blackpink”, who returned. And I celebrated my birthday in Buriram on Wednesday (March 27) in a fresh and hot way.

I must say that this time “Team SOM” came with a vengeance. And you want to wash off your blush because they were attacked by the second best team, Thailand, they tied 1-1, as the entire Seoul Stadium had a tough time.

Although this event was inferior to the extremely hot weather and the number of cheering fans, South Korea adjusted the match very well until they collected 3 points without much hope. It deserves the dignity of being the team that has played more World Cup matches than any team in Asia.

For Masatada Ishii, this was his first defeat. In his duties as head coach for the World Cup qualifiers, apart from having the misfortune of losing both Tirathun Ponmathan and Peradun Chamarasamy since the first half, there will have to be homework regarding the standings. And the substitution in this match, let's think about it.

In the event of Nicolas Mickelson switching positions from right-back to left-back and the decision to replace Sovanat Muinta, which was the final ticket, would it have been too late? I think this is almost a question from Thai football fans.

However, the Thai War Elephants' position in the World Cup Qualifiers still did not count as a big loss because they relied on Singapore as their help, which reduced the points from the Chinese Dragon from what should have been 6 home-and-away points to only 4 points, China's visit in Beijing is therefore the match that will truly determine the fate of the “Thai war elephants”.

Closing with news from “Big Noom” Worapoj Sukkiattipai, Chairman of Rao Rua Samphan Group, Chapter 63, is holding a reunion party. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of graduation from the school at the Amnoi Silba Alumni Association tomorrow, Saturday (March 30) at 6:00 pm, do not forget to attend in large numbers. The relationship fence between pink and violet will be strong.

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