“Meg Viny's” Wife Reveals Only 2.4 Million in Debts! Surprise: “Nong Mark” asks his father to help him with a concert.

“Mc Vinny's” Wife Brings Kids to Receive Award on Husband's Behalf Happy to know there are still people who love and miss you. Get ready to use the 1.1 million from the concert to pay off debt. A total of 8 million is now only 2.4 million. The goal is to clear it all this year. I want to fight for my child that a mother can do that. As for miscellaneous spending money, I'll find another one. Surprisingly, singing “Nong Mark” went down well. Because I prayed to my father to help me. Plan to organize a running event in celebration of the 100th day

Even though I am gone, the good deeds done will not be forgotten. One hundred million for Hero “Mc Vina Kraiputr” Most recently today (March 28) Kinnari Thong Mahashon was awarded. At the award ceremony “Kinneri Thong Public Company Limited” For the 9th time in 2024, they have recognized the value of people who think good, do good, and serve as good role models for Thai society. In this event, wives like “A Organyach Kraiputr” brought their children to receive the award on behalf of their husbands. He is ready to express the feeling that he is very happy. People Still Love and Lose Before revealing the latest updated loan balance it was reduced to only 2.4 million baht.

“Today I came to receive the award on behalf of P'Mek. I'm glad he still has someone to love and someone to lose. It really helps heal my heart. At least my kid knows. How much was it worth before he died what did his father do? “

Total donations at concerts “Why do you have friends?” A total of 1,114,341 baht
“The films of that day were very beautiful. There are many people who love Mac. A large number of artistes and artists came and assisted in the event. Everything exceeded expectations. The total donation for the day was 1.1 million baht. Really, all I can say is thank you very much. Thank you for still loving me. I am still worried and thank you for your kindness to our family. This money will be used to pay off all his debts. As for money for children who need to continue their studies, it should be household expenses. We are already looking for a new one.

The total loan was approximately 8 million, now only 2.4 million. We will try to complete everything within this year.
“The total loan amount is about 8 million baht, but friends and elders who are kind to P' Mek. What is not returned is approximately 1 million baht, approximately 6.5 million is left, of which there is an issue between our brothers and P' Mek's siblings. 3 million baht, That's an estimated 3 million, they told us they didn't have to specify. Let's say we'll talk when it's settled. Because it was his brother and our brother. Actually the amount to be cleared now is only 3.5 million baht, which will definitely be gone by this year as more than 1 million have been acquired. We will delete all of those 1.1 million, which leaves only approximately 2.4 million baht.

It is an example to your children and many depressed people that women can work these days if we fight and you don't give up. Having a brain and two hands is already struggling. It's great that we now have opportunities to sell products and review products from multiple locations. If the sale is more than the total amount, he has a difference. Let's settle various expenses. At home too Less debt means less stress. In fact, we owe it to our brothers and sisters. We are not stressed because we can talk. But I owe it to people outside of my family and friends. Be a good friend or are you Mac's friend? We know it all along because he saw that Brother McCall couldn't take it because he hid his own.

Don't complain about why some borrowers don't forgive their loans. I mean, some people have responsibilities. Of P'Num (Kongkrapan Saengsuriya), we still want to give it back. But Elder Num Nong Ae said if you have a hundred million, please come and help me. So we said ok. So I do. With other lenders we therefore said we would return it. Because I want P'Mek to be as clean as possible. Let's make our children see that we can achieve what we set our sights on and achieve. And he must follow in the footsteps of his father and mother.

The funeral has passed. But there is no time to be sad. Because I have to look after my children and work.
“It's just not happening at the right time. Because it's about kids and work, we're trying to figure out what the kids need. What do I do next? He's clear about what he wants to do. So we have to be clear about how to raise the money.

Surprisingly, he performed the song “Nong Mark” and it was good. The child asked his father for help.
“He sang on the first stage. It was a big stage and it was a surprise because before he sang, the brothers behind the curtain were talking. Whether the kid was good or not, he was very excited. We are still thinking whether he will sing or not. I asked why can I sing. He said he asked his father for help. Here we want to say that if your children take up this business, we will let them keep the money as their share. Mother will do her part. I want the part he took to find and hold his own future. I will be proud of what I have earned.

Plan to organize a running event in celebration of the 100th day.
“A program for a group of people who love running. Come talk to us. I would like to organize 100 days for P'Mek. It can be arranged as a flow. But we said we will talk later. Please clarify us first.

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