The cutest aquatic animals Which is soft and fluffy like cotton candy? When they fell, they were surprised, and it was difficult to find them!

The museum reveals the most beautiful aquatic animals. Which is soft and fluffy like cotton candy? The real answer is that the real person has skinned, and it's really hard to find.

February 11, 2024 Not long ago, Aquariums of Japan posted a video to make you smile. Show cute and unusual aquatic animals. The body is soft and fluffy like cotton candy. The audience watched and followed him. But in reality, it is not a mysterious animal. It has just been melted down. It is a surprising moment and very rare to see.

The video was posted on February 1 via his Twitter account. @ebikaniaquarium Aquarium in Susami City (Wakayama Prefecture). Japan revealed that this aquatic animal that we see here is “Giant crab, the crab that's said to be the cutest in the world. And now it's even cuter. When it melts.”

When the giant crab molts it is so soft and fluffy that it looks like cotton candy floating in the water. Especially when compared to its hard shell that has fallen off. Makes it look even more incredible. It was as if they were completely different animals. This effect lasts for about one day before it forms a new hard crust.

This video caught the attention of social media users. They have gone to watch over millions of times. Along with many comments expressing shock and impression. While some said it jokingly.

“Is that really a crab? I can't believe it.”

“So cute. Really soft and fluffy like cotton candy.”

“I didn't think cancer would be so cute. Just like a cartoon character.”

“I've only seen it for the first time. A giant crab melting.”

“Very cute and hard to find. Thank you for watching.”

“The Allure of the Crab World”

“What a strange sight! It looks like a stuffed animal… but it looks delicious.”

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