“Meteorological Center” means North-Northeast Cold weather – strong winds “South zone” heavy rain 11-13 Feb.

Meteorological Centre Notice of Unsettled Weather in Upper Thailand and Strong Wind Waves in the Lower Gulf of Thailand, No. 8 (30/2024) affecting the period 11-13 February 2024, indicating that a high pressure area or relatively strong cold air from China covers upper Thailand

In this system, the temperature will drop in upper Thailand and strong winds will blow. Cold weather will prevail in the north and northeast areas. Cold to cold weather will prevail in the central area including Bangkok and surrounding areas. And the eastern part has cold weather in the morning. Ask people in upper Thailand to take care of their health. Because of the cold weather.

Northeast Monsoon winds are strengthening over the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region. As a result, heavy rain fell in southern districts and heavy rain fell in some places. As for the wind waves in the lower Gulf of Thailand, they are very strong. Waves of 2-3 meters in height, over 3 meters in areas with thunderstorms, 1-2 meters in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. 2 meters high.

In this regard, we would like to ask people in the southern and eastern coastal areas to be aware of the risk of strong waves hitting the shore. Boaters should exercise caution in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. Also avoid traveling in thunderstorm areas. Small boats in the Gulf of Thailand should avoid leaving the shore during this period as well.

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