Sumit Yutu said after the match that Chainat Horbil lost to Suphanburi 1-2.


Sumit Yutu, coach of the Chainat Horbil team, revealed after leading his team to a 2-1 victory over Suphan Buri in the 2023/24 T2 football season, match 24, yesterday at the Suphan Buri Provincial Stadium.

The results of the game made the Army play 24 matches, winning 7, drawing 6 and losing 11 with 27 points, ranking 13th in the last table.

After the match, “Coach Method” revealed, “In this game, I am also happy to congratulate Suphan for his ability to open it. We fought well and the players did their best. We had two players injured before, two foreign players. Another injury occurred during the match. Makes This game is a more difficult task for us. We have all the young players left from the academy, and we tell the children that this game is not easy, although Suphanburi did not win many matches. But he always played well. Only he could not finish the score “

“This match requires the youth to be disciplined and patient because we also played matches in the middle of the week, which makes us tired. Our players cannot rush. When we lost the goal, the youth had difficulty coming back, and Sovan also came down to play defense. There are tall players defending. “

“I have to admire the guys who scored one goal in this game. We really did our best,” closed Coach Method.

As for Chainat Hornbill's upcoming fixtures, they will take on Chiang Mai United in the 2023/24 T2 season, Match 25, Sunday 18 February 2024 at 6:00pm at Khao Phlong Stadium.

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