Series review: Sweet Home 2 | Song Kang x Go Min Si

Darkness in the mind

It's normal for series or movies that revolve around survival. Most of them will reflect people's minds and show their true nature. While there are obstacles that suppress the body and mind As a result, each person's selfishness is clearly expressed. Everyone wants to survive and doesn't care who they hurt. I just want to stay alive.

Humans are truly devils.

Sweet Home 2 It shows the true nature of people through the character of Song Kang. Although he is a demon, his heart is humane, more caring and generous to others than humans. Even though I'm still human, I still care. Zero generosity towards others. There is strong selfishness and competition between each other. This shows that people cannot look at each other from the outside. We have to look inside the mind.

Certainly paves the way for a sequel to SS.3.

Sweet Home 2, the final episode, presents the story as a regular sequel to SS and I think there will definitely be one. But we have to wait a long time as in the first part or not, we have to see like the next part, Lee Hyuk's brother's character.Lee Eun Yoo should come back.

Personally, if we compare it, SS.1 is more fun. The story of SS.2, although connected, SS.1 starts to feel like it's starting to go too far overboard. There are a lot of new characters, trying to make each character stand out. But as I said before, it depends on what people like. But just for us, but if you ask if there is SS.3, will I watch it? It remains to be seen as long as it is there.If anyone is interested, Song Kang can watch it legally on Netflix.

Tracking channel

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