The Department of Development has modified public company registration services through a single channel, the e-PCL system.

The Business Development Department regulates public company registration services. Through the online e-PCL system, only one channel. To facilitate the business sector real-time data can be used. Reduces waiting time for documents and helps simplify business management. It aims to connect the system with the OIC, SEC and DTDD and subsequently request cooperation from authorized managers. Register quickly to get your username and password and complete your electronic signature. Before using the system

Ms. Oramon Sabthawetham, Director General of the Business Development Department, the Ministry of Commerce revealed that the department is preparing to change the electronic public company registration service. (Electronic Public Company Limited Registration: e-PCL) is e-PCL's only online channel. So that the business sector can use the recorded information in real time. Reducing restrictions on waiting for documents and increasing efficiency and competitiveness. This leads to business management being flexible and more efficient.

Previously, the department has opened the e-PCL system since August 2023 and has developed the system. To increase efficiency of use to support the growing number of users, the e-PCL system will provide registration services for all public limited companies. Payment of fees Request a certificate of registration certificate Print receipts including creating an automatic registration application form in electronic form This is a comprehensive registration service, as companies (public limited companies) no longer need to come to the department to conduct registration transactions.

He added: “After the department opened the e-PCL system for 6 months, it addressed the problems, obstacles, advantages and disadvantages, and listened to different opinions regarding the use of the system from service users. The system has already been improved and developed to be more efficient and stable according to the suggestions of service users. Therefore, we are ready to open full service. Through electronic channels only”

Ms Oramon said that in the future, the department will develop and link registration information with various agencies such as the Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC), the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC..) and the Securities Depository of Thailand. Co., Ltd. (TSD) to further increase the efficiency of working with relevant agencies. To fully respond to the business sector This is in line with the policy of Mr. Phumtam Wichayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, and Mr. Navinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Trade. This gives importance to promoting and facilitating entrepreneurs at all levels, as well as the Ministry of Commerce taking steps to reduce trade barriers in various fields so that the business sector can compete optimally.

In this regard, the Department invites approved managers of public limited companies. Register quickly to get your username and password and verify your identity. To complete registration transactions immediately, users who already have a username and password can log in to the system to submit a registration request. This is done by filling out the data necessary for registration only and in accordance with the conditions specified by the law. The system will have functions that help facilitate the user. By automatically generating registration applications and other registration-related documents, such as abbreviated meeting minutes for use in the registration. Cover letter ready for registration, etc.

Users can also choose to use ready-made goals and regulations that are compliant with the law. Simply click and choose from the templates within the system after you complete the order. Directors requesting registration can choose between two formats for submitting the application: e-signature via the DBD e-PCL mobile application immediately or choose to sign via e-form (print the registration application form that the system automatically generates on just one sheet of paper which must be signed and submitted to Administration), which will help the system facilitate and simplify the process of preparing complex registration requests.

Currently (information as of February 8, 2024), there are a total of 1,443 public limited companies in Thailand, with a total registered capital value of more than 5.3 trillion baht. In the past, if directors wanted to register in relation to public limited companies they would have to travel to the public limited company registration service unit. Business Development Department Water Airport only But now registration can be processed through the e-PCL system instantly, which significantly saves time and costs for the business.

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