The Chang'e-6 spacecraft successfully lands on the far side of the Moon

(Xinhua) – China's Chang'e-6 spacecraft touched down on the far side of the moon on Sunday morning (June 2) and will collect samples from this little-explored region for the first time in human history.

The landing and launch vehicle components of the Chang'e-6 spacecraft successfully landed at the designated landing site with support from the Xueqiao-2 communications satellite at 6:23 a.m., the China National Space Administration said. Management is Beijing time

The Chang'e-6 spacecraft consists of an orbiter, a return vehicle, a lander, and a launch vehicle. It was launched into space on May 3, and went through several stages, such as changing its orbit between the Earth and the Moon. Deceleration near the Moon Orbiting the Moon and moving to Earth by the lander components of the rocket was separated from the return component of the orbiter on May 30.

Landing is full of risks. This is because it is very difficult to communicate with the probe once it reaches the far side of the Moon. China is the only country that successfully landed the Chang'e-4 spacecraft. Previously in 2019

So far, two spacecraft have successfully landed on the far side of the Moon: Chang'e 4 and Chang'e 6. Chang'e 6's main mission after this time will be to collect rock samples from the surrounding area, approximately 2 kilograms of either on the surface or drilled about 2 meters underground to return it to the ground.

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