Take a look at OPPO smartphones that are no more than 3,000 baht, but with full specifications are definitely worth the price |

Take a look at the OPPO smartphone, which is only 3,000 baht, but has full specs and is definitely worth the price.

One of the leading smartphone brands like OPPO is another mobile phone manufacturer that offers great promotions and complete features. Affordable and easy to touch Today we would like to recommend OPPO smartphones, which are priced at no more than 3,000 baht, meet the needs of every lifestyle. It's worth using for anyone on a small budget. What interesting models will there be?

1. OPPO A60

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The first model to be talked about is the OPPO A60, which usually has an empty price of around 5,999 – 6,999 baht, but if you want something cheaper than this. You can purchase it from your service provider. It starts at just 2,799 baht, which is very interesting because this model is powerful. Fairly water and dust resistant. The camera can take beautiful pictures.

2. OPPO A18

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The next model is the OPPO A18, although it is not very new. But the price now starts from only 3,399 baht. If you want it cheap, regardless of the contract, the price is around 1,890 baht, but if you buy online and find a good code, you can own it too for around 2,000 baht.

3.OPPO A38

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A new smartphone from the OPPO brand comes with suitable specifications that anyone can own, and it comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Anyone who wants a cheap price can buy it on contract. Although it may be more expensive than 3,000 baht, it definitely shouldn't be more than 3,500 baht.

4. OPPO A58

Another smartphone model from OPPO that comes with great and very useful specifications and also supports 5G networks, you can still buy it for a little over 3,000 baht, but with features like these, I think it is definitely worth it.

5. OPPO A17

Finally, with a smartphone like the OPPO A17 priced around 2,790 baht, the specs are reliable and can be used continuously. Although there is a new version.

Note: The price you get for this format comes from clicking on the discount code online and can be purchased from contracted providers as well.

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