4 Famous People Celebrating Pride Month Invite People to Be Negative to Dare to Be Yourself

Garnier (Garnier) Celebrate diversity and gender equality this Pride Month with the launch of a major campaign. “Dare to be yourself” Encourage everyone to have the courage to remove every judgment. Every standard that society dictates in different ways then stand up and be yourself and be fully confident. 4 Garnier Pride Squad representatives are ready to present stories of the courage to be yourself and sweep away: Yoshi – Rinrada Durapan, Yoshi – Nimit Manadphon, Judy – Diaw Jarukit And Badmixy mix Chalermsri Variously labeled by society as “abs”, “sexy girl”, “confident” or “following the trend”, all 4 are ready to cross the line and express their insights and perspectives. Garnier's social media channels

Welcome to the #DareToBeYou campaign. Garnier also started “Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Pride Edition” The number one micellar cleanser in a collection specially designed to celebrate Gender Pride Month. In June 2024, every purchase equals supporting equality, and every 1 bottle equals a 5 baht donation to the Rainbow Ski Association of Thailand. (The company will match a donation of 5 baht per 1 bottle of Micellar sold for 40,000 bottles, for a total donation of 200,000 baht) Participate in making the society equitable, equitable and sustainable.

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