Check out the Thai women's volleyball world rankings after the end of VNL 2024, Week 2. Japan beats China: PPTVHD36

Summary of the world rankings for the Thai women's volleyball team and after the 2024 Nations League, the second week in Macau, Turkey is still in first place, while Japan is pushing China to compete for the Asian quota.

Women's Volleyball Nations League 2024 or VNL 2024 First Round Results of the second week, Thai volleyball players competed in 4 matches, winning 2, losing 2 matches, they beat the Dominicans 3-2 sets, they beat France 3-1, and they lost to China 0- 3 sets and lost to Brazil 0-3 sets, which is a summary of the Thai team’s performance in both stadiums, where it competed in a total of 8 matches, winning 2 matches, and losing 6 matches, with 5 points, and ranks 13th in the points tally. table.

To learn about the schedule of the Thailand women’s volleyball team’s competitions for the third week in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It will take place from June 11 to 16, 2024.

The International Federation of Volleyball or FIVB has a world ranking. Last updated on June 3, 2024
No. 1 Türkiye with 388.69 points
Brazil ranked second with 382.13 points
Poland is in third place with 373.16 points
Fourth place: Italy, 358.51 points
Fifth place: United States with 346.78 points
Sixth place: Japan with 329.62 points
Seventh place: China 327.57 points

Eighth place Serbia has 324.00 points
Ninth place: Netherlands with 290.95 points
Tenth place: Canada 288.74 points
The Dominican Republic ranked eleventh with 267.49 points
Germany ranked twelfth with 217.83 points
Thailand ranked 13th with 209.11 points.
Fourteenth place: Belgium 206.26 points.
France ranked nineteenth with 167.11 points.
South Korea ranked 39th with 99.22 points.

* China and Japan are competing for the Asian quotas for the 2026 Olympic Games.

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