The big lesson: Chok Haithongkam opens up about his breakup with his wife. I cried so hard I couldn’t eat. Go to work to earn money to send to your children.

Another big news, a drama about a divorce from a wife. It has become popular in the country’s circles. For problems in marital life Lucky procession Or a new name, a new title Lucky pot of gold This ended the love problem by breaking up with Sri Wife. He seems to be hiding with the shop owner. Prajakchai Haithongkam Control of both behavior and music He paid so much that he outfitted two trucks with red license plates. This time I came to open my heart for the first time through the program Toh Noo Maem with anchor Noo Maem Suriwipa, Tang Toh clearly explained all the drama.

Now the name has changed from Chok Rot Hae to Chok Hai Thong Kham?

“Since there was drama and during that period I was alone about which way to go. Looking for a way out, not knowing which way to go. Am I going to take the job myself or am I going to go to the manager or am I going to camp? It was just the right timing when the store manager called. So we decided “A date to talk. So we got together.”

As soon as I entered the camp, the store owner gave me two new cars?

“To this day, I don’t have my own truck. When I go to an event, I rent a van, so I talk about it with the store manager. The store owner said that if he was lucky enough to sign the contract, he would buy him the car. So I could take the job.” And easy to operate.”

When you got the car, did you accept full work every day?

“The whole work should start next month. Next month is already full. Right now, it’s quite sporadic.”

What percentage of the heart is strong enough to accept the job?

As for work, I think my heart is 100% ready because I am a person who can differentiate. But if it’s a personal matter, it might be something to think about. Let’s lie down and think about it. But when we work, we do our best. There is definitely nothing wrong with it.”

How do you end the relationship and divorce your wife?

“As the news came out. After that, it’s time to be a good father. With the baby, if I have time, I’ll go see the baby. Buy some things for your baby. And then you may have to send money to your baby every month. But the family said it’s up to you.” “Ours. We can send or not. But I feel like I’m working and I will definitely pass that on to my kids.”

What are the lessons learned from this decision?

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons. This came rushing back. During the time I was having problems in my life, I divorced my wife. It’s all drama. Everyone says this and that. So many things, sometimes some things are sensitive. For my family, sometimes I can’t Explain anything. Let everyone listen and everyone understand. Maybe there is something deep inside. But I don’t want to talk about it. She is already a good mother to her children. And what are the lessons she has learned? A lot of things whether it is life problems or emotional problems, since we broke up… The mother of our children, we almost couldn’t move on. She barely ate any rice at all. I’ve been anxious for days. They both feel anxious and nervous, and sometimes there might be some crying on their own. So I think from now on we have to plan. Whatever it is Your opinion, you have to think a little forward and backward. If we have already made a decision, it cannot be undone. Sometimes we use our emotions to make decisions without thinking. Another thing is that we have little life experience. In terms of work, I have a lot of life experience. But In terms of my personal life, there may be very little. This lesson was the first time in my life that it was difficult.

What advice would you give when you come to live with the shop owner?

“First of all, it’s about living life. About work and attitude. Another thing is that this song is very important. He gave advice that during this period we may have to play music more often. In order to follow the club and the fans”

How is taking care of yourself different from having a camp?

“Being in the camp was relaxing in many ways, many things. We have a duty to prepare ourselves. Go back to parties and work and take good care of your health. There is no pain or illness, I have to work to the fullest. I want to stay here as long as possible because I have parents and children that I have to “Take care of them. So I want to make the most of this opportunity. Because we don’t know if there will be a good opportunity like this again, and we don’t know if there will be good opportunities in our lives. How many times will it be like this?”

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