Israeli reserve forces continue to return home. Join the fight against Hamas: PPTVHD36

Young Israeli reservists lined up at Paris’s main airport yesterday (October 10) to return to Israel. They all said they were shocked by the attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas, and that they were ready to join the fight.

The Israeli army had previously called up 300,000 reserve soldiers to deal with an increasingly fierce battle with Hamas. Yesterday, the two Israeli airlines, El Al and Israel, increased their flights to bring reservists home.

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Chamoun, a 26-year-old reserve, said of the weekend attack that no one expected it. One of his friends is missing. While others many people have joined the army.

“I was shocked, I was shocked because we didn’t expect it at all. We know there are tensions. But they were always there. The time you’re there you get used to it. But it’s shocking. And I was uncomfortable because my friends were there. I have a friend who was already summoned. I have several From friends. Friends who went to school together. “Friends who have disappeared and we haven’t heard from them yet, none of them at all. It’s very difficult, it’s really difficult,” Chamoun said.

Ophir side The 22-year-old reservist, who was previously in Vietnam, said he chose the fastest possible route via Bangkok and Paris to return to Israel. To be there for friends and family, the wounded and the dead.

Ofir said: “I was in Vietnam. After I knew the whole situation, I went to Bangkok and tried to find the fastest flight to Israel. Which is in France. It was the quickest way for me to get back to Israel. That’s why I came to France.”

On Monday (October 9), Israel warned residents of the Gaza Strip to evacuate. As if it were an indication that Israel might be preparing for a ground attack against Hamas.

The Israeli Embassy in Thailand posted on the X platform that flights to Israel were full. While there are soldiers stationed and hundreds of people who received emergency summonses (Order 8) who contacted the embassy. To ask for help in returning them to Israel to participate in defending their homeland, dozens of Israeli civilians arrived at the airport. Trying to find a flight to Israel and the Israeli Consul and El Al Airlines Director worked in Bangkok late last night. To transport 30 people who received emergency summonses on flights back to Israel and take care of all those who are still waiting. The Israeli Embassy in Thailand said it would do its best to coordinate flights for soldiers on active duty and those who received summonses.

Although major airlines will cancel many flights to and from Israel. But it seems that local airlines have considered increasing their flights, at least in recent days. This is partly because many Israelis also traveled abroad last week to celebrate Jewish holidays.

Where does Hamas get the weapons needed to attack Israel?

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