Thaksin ‘Godfather of Setha’

Love, harmony, sharing what we have, living happily together. By definition everyone is “mooncakes” together.

I am “without suffering” so I can give happiness to everyone.

Because what happened to me was “mine”.

Why suffer if it is “mine”? Live with “understanding”.

When you “understand”, that is, if I suffer, you suffer, and if I am happy, you are happy.

So choose, do you want happiness or misery? You are ready – I am ready.

In this way, suffering “run away” so that you can be happy every day.

As I speak, I am reminded of a person named “Kun Niphon Poonyamanee”. He faced severe political karma during this period.

Instead of worrying about you as a friend, it turns out that Kun Nifon worries about me. I take Longkong from the south and send it by train for me to eat.

That’s all there is to say about kindness!
Life is a circuit in a circuit where the “start and end points” are at the same point. Therefore, wherever suffering goes, it will soon revolve itself at another point.

Like Big Joke “Bol. Gen. Suraset Hagban” and Big Door “Bol. Gen. Dorsak Sukwimon” – what is it? It was a “derailed” train one day.

Yesterday, a cute picture of 2 adults “joining the single track” on a train with their hips wrapped around their shoulders and shoulder to shoulder was so sweet!

Politics has “changed the age”….

So what to do now? Also check the wind direction.

That “drone” doesn’t actually have a driver.

But no “director”?

So, how big or small is “eat and gather” from Thailand 14th floor navigator today.

“The Pew Thai Government”

“Father of All Mother Power Corporations” with Angel Prisoner

Prime Minister Setha, dare?

As General Torzak, the new police chief, do you have the guts?

Big joke, if you’re the police chief, dare you?

Here Angel is preparing to lay the foundation stone to “suspend” even though the prisoners have returned. Never experienced a single night of real punishment in jail!

Who’s there…what face? Are you brave?


Will there be a big fight like “Bell Pepper”?

Take the position, take the power, but don’t take the responsibility. There is no shame in swearing.

“Big but not spicy”……

Where is the dignity of the word Chilli? Pikaju is what government officials and politicians are doing today.

“Bite each other” “Fight for food – fight for chair” is very good but no face to express that “all should be equal before the law” to protect sanctity?

It has reached the point of “shame – shame” during this period of Thai society’s values ​​of glorifying the “bad” but being “trampled” by the good. What a shame.

I am seeing………..

How will “Pol. Gen. Dorsak Sukwimon” deal with the “angel prisoner” problem this time with “Prime Minister Setha” and the new police chief?

The Yingluck era had problems from the 7th floor.

Problems will come again from the 14th floor in Setha Yuga. Let us know!

If Angel is a prisoner, his true identity is now unclear. In addition to never actually going to jail, you can still “apply for a suspended sentence.”

It looks like neti.

Let the 300,000 prisoners in the prison submit letters asking for pardons and suspension of sentences. All of them were able to do so.

You can “take out the prisons” across the country. Save billions in budgets every year.

Reform “Department of Corrections” to “Department of Pardons for Thaksin”. A full prisoner comes immediately to prison.

“Dakshina Amnesty Department” also has a form to fill in writing to request immediate royal pardon. As suggested by former Deputy Prime Minister Visanu

“Male Prisoner Thaksin Shinawatra” is a reference model.

In what direction will Thailand move next? There is fear in the heart. Sadness and discouragement in my heart!?

Robbery of money – Robbery of gold, Robbery of power, Robbery of office, Robbery of house – Robbery of city. They’ve all been there.

Nowadays it has even progressed to the level of “army robbery”.

Yesterday (29 Sep 2023) Prime Minister Setha Tavisin, Mr. Surya Jangrungruangit, Transport Minister

“Secondary Concourse” at Suvarnabhumi to be opened for service no. 1 (Satellite 1: SAT-1)

“Chetha” gave the interview wholeheartedly.

“Suvarnabhumi Airport was fortunate in the construction of the airport a decade ago that we built the tunnel first, making additions easier.

In the past, the budget for building tunnels was cheap. Now you can connect SAT-1 is good, fast and very useful.

Former Prime Minister Mr. It was done earlier, during Thaksin Shinawatra’s government. It was a foresight and now we have been able to save a lot of budget.”
Oh….. Setha

I’m not a picky eater, I don’t like grabbing people’s words and stifling nonsense because I’m not a poop fly.

But if you say “Praise Thaksin”, that’s what the people above the Prime Minister want. Today’s kids may believe it but in those days an old man like me still had enough left over.

I heard him say, “I have done it before during the government of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.


Suvarnabhumi Airport not to lecture PM. His plan dates back to the time of Field Marshal B.Philsongram.

Start hiring foreigners to study projects “Nong Ngu Hao Airport” or today Suvarnabhumi Airport during Field Marshal Charit Thanarat’s time, 1960

Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn makes a construction concession to the American company. But it’s not time to act yet. 14 An incident occurred on October 16, so the offer was cancelled.

In 1978, the government of General Kriangchak Soman hired a foreigner and found a new place to build a new building. After studying, they decided that Nong Ngu Ha was the “most suitable” area.

1991 National Security Council “Big Su – Big Zod – Big Day” government, Mr. Anand Panyarachun as Prime Minister approved the construction of Nong Khu Ha Airport.

But the construction work was not carried out.

In 1993-94 until the government of “Mr. Suan Leekbai” approved a budget of 120,000 million baht to implement the project.

But due to “Tom Yum Kung” poisoning, the project went up and down until the era of Thaksin Shinawatra government.

In 2002, construction continued according to the existing plan and was completed in 2006 by the decision of the Thaksin government. And Tea Peep works to keep the belly from distending.

The celebration lasted less than 2 months, perhaps until 19 September 2006, when Thaksin was celebrated by the “Big Bang” and fell off his chair and became a monk.

As returned a month ago “Angel Prisoner”!

Therefore, Prime Minister Setha said that…

“Suvarnabhumi Airport was fortunate in airport construction a decade ago that we built the tunnel first. Facilitates additions……….

Former Prime Minister Mr. It was done earlier, during Thaksin Shinawatra’s government. It was a foresight and now we have been able to save a lot of budget.”

People in the know will vomit if they hear this!

Especially “Secondary Concourse No. 1 (SAT-1)” which you went to open today. There were plans, but the project was launched 10 years ago.

SAT-1 was developed by whom in which era? Economics is really naive. Or pretend to be innocent?

Well… “Let me roughly tell you what is Secondary Concourse No. 1 (SAT-1).

– Construction will begin in 2016 and be completed in 2023.

The budget is 39,760 million baht

The interior area is 216,000 sq m.

– Number of floors: 4 floors, 28 parking holes

It can accommodate between 45 million and 60 million passengers per year

– Add 28 additional boarding gates.

Inside the building there are 4 floors and 2 basement floors.

-Floor B2 (Underground): Automated People Movement (APM)

A driverless rubber-wheeled electric train that helps pick up and drop off passengers. Between the main passenger terminal and SAT-1 building

It takes approximately 3 minutes (including boarding time and waiting time). 210 passengers/train can be accommodated.

-Floor B1 (Underground): This is the baggage and baggage transport floor.

-GF Floor: This is Apron Level.

There is a waiting hall, garden area and bus stand. and officers’ offices

2nd Floor: Arrival Level (Arrival Level)

There are waiting hall, various shops, pooja room, first aid room. and garden area

-3rd Floor: Departure Level (Departure Level)

There is a waiting area and a duty free shop. and other stores

-4th Floor: A Special Passenger Service Floor (CIP Lounges Level) or Business Important Person.

There are shops, restaurants, a puja room, a children’s playroom and a sky lounge observation deck.

Sigh… Tired. That’s enough.

Chetah knows now, right? It was the government of General Prayut Chan-o-cha that carried out this plan for 2016-2023.

If and when a prison the size of a “royal suite” is built?

That… Setha gradually elevated it to a job. “Angel Prisoner” too!

Saturday at the end of the alley

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