The United States is creating an artificial intelligence security center to respond to the technology. You can’t underestimate the future.

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has announced the establishment of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security Center that will oversee the development and integration of AI capabilities under the US Defense and Intelligence Agency.

General Paul Nakasone, Director of the National Security Agency and US Cyber ​​Command, said on Thursday (September 28) that US officials recognize the growing importance of artificial intelligence in national security and the opening of this new center is part of steps to “shape the future” of artificial intelligence technology in the security, defense and intelligence sectors.

“We maintain the AI ​​advantage in the United States today. This advantage should not be overlooked,” Nakasone said at the national press conference. In Washington, D.C., where Nagasone discussed the opening of the center. And the growing threat from China.

Nakazon said the newly established US Artificial Intelligence Center will work with the NSA’s existing Cybersecurity Cooperation Center, which will become a focal point for “enhancing the secure deployment of new AI capabilities across the national security enterprise and the defense industrial base,” according to a US Department of Defense statement. Nakasone said that “artificial intelligence will be even more important to national security in diplomatic, technological and economic matters for our country, our allies and our partners.”

The NSA Director also said that it is imperative that the United States maintain leadership in the development of artificial intelligence, and that malicious foreign actors must be prevented from acquiring American innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. “About the vulnerabilities of AI, foreign intelligence threats to these AI systems, and how to counter threats to ensure AI security,” Nakasone said.

When asked by reporters about the US’s use of artificial intelligence to automate threat analysis, Nakasone said that US intelligence and defense agencies are already using AI, although final decisions are still made by humans. “This is an important difference,” Nakasone said. “We see AI helping. But ultimately the decisions are made by humans and humans in the loop.”

In response to journalists’ questions, Nagasone said that the NSA “has not yet detected” any Russian or Chinese attempts. The NSA director also said that this would affect the US presidential elections in 2024 and a number of elections were held in other regions. world before the US presidential elections, and the United States will work with its allies and partners to help deter attempts to distort such information.

The establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Security Center follows a study conducted by the National Security Agency that investigated securing artificial intelligence models from theft and sabotage. This poses a major challenge to the national security of the United States. Especially with the emergence of emerging AI technology with huge transformative potential for both good and bad actors

Cybersecurity researchers also said that in the past few months China has intensified its cyber operations. Targeted at US and allied organizations, which may include pre-identified malware designed to disrupt military communications

On Thursday, the United States and Japan also issued warnings and Chinese hackers targeted attacks on government, industry, telecommunications and other entities. Which supports the armies of both countries


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