Can’t access Discord “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” What exactly happened?

It seems that many people using Discord via PC received the message “Sorry, you have been blocked” You are unable to access When you can’t access this way, many people are baffled that Discord can. It has also become a means of communication in everyday life. Whether playing games or even working, but what exactly happened?

Due to the usability issues that have been occurring, the Discord support account has received an overwhelming number of reports saying “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” You are unable to access, making it unusable. The team is aware this has happened and we are looking for a solution. But at the moment there is no further report about the real reason.

Although access via PC still has issues. But using your smartphone works smoothly as usual. As of now (8:00 PM), some users may be able to log in via PC. If anyone still can’t, we recommend using it. Let’s work with smartphones first.

For now, I can only encourage the Discord team to fix the issue soon.

*Updated at 10:02 p.m., September 29, 2023

Now the team has solved the problem.

Based on Support discord

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