Thailand ranked seventh with 27 gold medals at the conclusion of the Asian Games.

The Fourth Asian Games or Asian Games of Paralympic Games concluded in Hangzhou, China on October 28, with the closing ceremony held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, starting at 6:30 p.m. local time. It is one hour faster than Thailand, and takes about 55 minutes in total.

At the closing ceremony, the host conveys familiarity and love. China has a strong regard for Asian friends and advances poetry. It is an ancient Chinese tradition to give as a gift when friends part ways. To express love, longing and sadness. Amidst different feelings, which will be full of Chinese romance among the performances in the series “Farewell Tea.”

Additionally throughout the concert traditional Chinese musical instruments were prominently featured, including the tī (Chinese flute), xiao (a vertically played bamboo flute), and guqin (seven-stringed instrument). The audience enjoyed the orchestral music. It is a mixture of Chinese and international music. Both traditional and modern combined with Jiangnan’s unique charm

Throughout the Asian Paralympic Games I have always adhered to the philosophy of inclusion. This is still the case. During the closing ceremony, 213 people with disabilities participated in the show, but the closing ceremony will not be like the opening ceremony. Which uses many advanced techniques when the flame fades. There are employees who give lectures to the blind. As they sat on the stairs around the torch bowl, the party ended. Which next time the 5th Asian Para Games, Nagoya, Japan will host the event in 2026

“Shorty” breaks the record at the end of the Asian Para Championship

As for the Fourth Asian Paralympic Games, its closing day was on October 28, before the official closing ceremony. Thai athletes with disabilities remain excellent, with athletics being held at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, with the Thai team’s highlight being the men’s 400m wheelchair final, T54 category. The Thai team sent Little Athiwat Pingnya, the gold medalist in the men’s 100m wheelchair race, to this competition. The silver medalist in the men’s 400m wheelchair at the 2023 World Para Athletics Championships held in Paris, France, is “Guy” Vouthars Kongrak, who won two silver medals in the 1500m and 5000m in this competition. Sianglam, search for medals

It appeared that Little Athiwat rode his trusty wheelchair and emerged from the lead and was the first to cross the finish line in 44.62 seconds, winning the gold medal and his second gold medal in this competition. Ready to break the record in the Asian Paralympic Games competition. She broke the previous record of 46.82 seconds for China’s Cheng Minglu, and the silver medal went to Yang Hu from China with a time of 45.05 seconds, Yunqiang Tai from China with a time of 45.71 seconds, and Futharit Kongrak came in fourth place with a time of 45.05 seconds. With a time of 46.82 seconds, 46.54 seconds is considered the best record for a person this year, and Pipatvong Sianglum came in sixth place with a time of 48.06 seconds.

After winning the gold medal, Little Athiwat Pingnya said: “I am very happy that I was able to successfully win the last gold medal for the Thai People’s Wheelchair Racing Team.”

During the men’s 400 metres, T12 category, in the final heat, Kritsanaphong Tisuwan crossed the finish line in third place with a time of 50.49 seconds, his personal best. He won the bronze medal, managing to dominate and the gold medal went to Mohammad Moradi of Iran with a time of 50.17 seconds and Khanh Minh Nguyen Bua of Vietnam with a time of 50.49 seconds to win the silver medal.

Summary of the results of the Thai national athletics team in the 4th Asian Para Games, winning 10 gold medals from Shakrin Damoni Men’s 100m (T13) Shiwat Ratana Men’s 100m (T34) Athiwat Vaingnoya Men’s 100m (T54) Shakrin Damoni Men’s 400m (T13) Pongsakorn Payoor Men’s 400m (T53) Athiwat Pingnya Men’s 400m (T54) Pongsakorn Payo 800m Male (T53) Wahuram History 1500m Male (T54) Wahoram 5000m Male History (T54) Sasirawan Antashot 200m Female (T47)

8 silvers from Pongsakorn Payu 100m (T53), Pichaya Kuratanasiri 200m (T52), Abhisit Theprom 400m (T37), Maspori Asai 800m Male (T53), Saikul Kongan 800m Men (T54). Kongrak Futharat 1500m Male (T54) Kongrak Futharat 5000m Male (T54) Orawan Kaising 400m Female (T20)

10 bronze medals each for Phichit Krongkit men’s 100m (T53), Phalatip Khamta men’s 100m (T63), Kritsanavong Tesuan 400m (T12), Java Sai No. 400m men (T64), Prawat. Wahuram Men’s 800m (T54), Bouncong Sanpod, Men’s Weight Throw (F20), Suniporn Thanomong Women’s 100m (T11), Orawan Chi Women’s 100m (T37), Sasirawan Inthachot Women’s 100m (T47), Orawan Chemban Women’s 200m (T. 37).

“Rung-Nueng” defeats China and wins the gold medal in rebounding

Table tennis in the gymnasium of Jeongsu Sports Center. In the mixed doubles category, the athletes from China are having fun despite their parity. They alternated winning and losing until they reached a 2-2 draw. The match had to be decided in the final before Rongroj and Kanlaya combined to win 3-2, 11-6, 10-12, 11-6. 7-11 and 11-7 successfully won the gold medal. The bronze medal went to Visit Wangvonpatanasiri/Kanokporn Prathumchai from Thailand and the host pair China.

This is the third gold medal for Rongroj, who previously won in singles and doubles, while Kalaya is the third medal in this competition. But it was his first gold medal. Previously, they earned one silver in women’s doubles and one bronze in women’s singles.

In the mixed doubles category, unable to resist their strength, they lost to the pair of Jin Cheol Park and So Yeon Seo with a score of 0-3, 3-11, 9-11, 7-11, which led to the Thai mixed doubles team winning the silver medal. . As for the bronze medal, both duos went to China, in the mixed doubles category, with Chinese partner Ying Zhou, and enjoyed 2-3 matches 6-11, 11-9, 11-9, 9-11, 12. -10 and won the silver medal. . As for the bronze medal, both pairs went to South Korea. In the women’s doubles category WD14, “Nueng” Kanlaya Chaiwut paired with Kanokporn Prathumchai, losing to Wen Yuan Huang and Yu Chang Jin from China 0-3 matches 10-12. , 10.-12, 3-11 received a consolation silver medal. Bronze goes to the Hong Kong national team and the South Korean national team.

A blind Thai footballer makes history

Blind Football: In the bronze medal round at Gongshu Canal Sports Park in Hangzhou, the Thai national team met its rival, Japan, again after a 1-1 draw in the first round. German Alberto Marquez, the Argentine coach for Thailand, participated in this match. Ranking of the best team on the field, the top 5 men are led by “Tao” Panyaut Kovan, the team captain, Pornchai Kasikornodalpisarn (goalkeeper), Prakrung Buyai, Kitikorn Bawadi and Somchai Makong, while Japan has Masa, Kei Goto and Taichi Hirabayashi. They are the Ansar.

The opening match saw the two teams trading with each other like matched pairs, but after 30 minutes they were unable to score a goal. The match ended in a goalless draw 0-0, and the winning team had to be decided on penalty kicks by 3 players for each team. The first player from Japan, Yuzuki Sonobi, shot out of bounds, but Panyot Crovan shot and Sumi Kenya saved. , the result is 0. -0

Then Taishi Hirabayashi, the second samurai, fired a shot from the left, but it was blocked by Pornchai Kasikorn Udalbisarn and Runaros Funa shot directly past the Japanese goalkeeper, the score was still 0-0, Japan sent on Kawamo, and Ra Ru, the talented engine room, entered. third. He shot wide of the bounds while Prakong Puai, the captain of the Thai national team, carefully placed a shot into Sumi Kenya’s hands. The ball hit the crossbar and entered the net. It’s a winning goal. The Thai team narrowly beat Japan on penalties. This was to emphasize the revenge on the samurai players again. After winning on penalties and eliminating Japan from the semi-finals of the Asian Football Championship in India in 2022

In addition, the Thai Blind Football Team won the bronze medal for the first time. Therefore, it is considered a historic medal for the Thai blind football team in the Asian Games. After the match, “Tao” Panyaot Kovan, the team captain, said: “Today, everyone worked together to win the medal. It was a success. Thank you to the coaches, the association and all the teammates who helped a lot. I would like to give a medal because I am able to do it. To all football fans “

Prajak Ritnoch, head coach of the Thai national team, revealed this bronze medal. It is a historic medal for blind athletes in the Thai national team. Having competed twice before but never medaled. But this time it was successful. Thank you to all Thai football fans. The audience joins in cheering on the blind soccer players on each channel.

Thapparathai is ranked seventh.

Summary of the final day of competition The Thai athletes took home two more gold medals in the 400 meter wheelchair race and mixed doubles table tennis, finishing with 27 gold medals, 26 silver medals and 55 bronze medals, placing them seventh in the table, with the athletes receiving financial prizes from the Fund Development. National Games Individual gold medal worth 1 million baht, silver medal worth 5 hundred thousand baht, bronze medal worth 250 thousand baht.

As for China, the host country won the gold medal for the fourth time in a row, with 18 more gold medals on the last day, bringing it to 217 gold, 167 silver, and 140 bronze.

No. 2 Iran, 44 gold, 46 silver, 41 bronze, No. 3 Japan, 42 gold, 49 silver, 59 bronze, No. 4 South Korea, 30 gold, 33 silver, 40 bronze, No. 5 India, 29 gold. And 31 silver and 51 bronze, and No. 6 Indonesia, leader of ASEAN, which surpassed Thailand on the last day, with 29 gold, 30 silver and 36 bronze.

“Big Sting” is satisfied with the work.

In terms of the “big bite”, Lieutenant Colonel Nayanoop Perumpakdi, Chairman of the Thai Paralympic Committee, said that Thailand won more gold medals at the Asian Para Games this time than the previous time, when it achieved 23 gold medals. very good? It indicates that the capabilities of the Para Thai team have been developed more than last time. Thank you to all the athletes, coaches and followers. Who have done the work to create a good reputation for Thailand this time. He was happy to have the opportunity to come and see. Visiting athletes even though some sports may not have the opportunity to cheer. But always offer encouragement.

“I have to admit that some of the sports or some of the coins that we might have missed is something we have to go back and look at. And study what happened but at the same time there were many events where we were surprised to win medals as well. It shows that we have improved a lot. And moving in the right direction.”

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