Incredible, 1,000-year-old chicken eggs were found preserved due to the “puja”… A clear answer: What was left inside?

Israeli archaeologist discovers an intact 1000 year old chicken egg in central Israel but when they try to clean it and keep it in perfect condition. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of breaking the egg.

According to an announcement published on June 9, 2023, a team of archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered chicken eggs in a basement while excavating the archaeological site of Yavneh. On the Mediterranean coast in southern Israel and is part of an urban development project in the city.

Dr. Lee Perry Gall Bird researchers of the ancient world pointing out the rarity of this find, “We have found eggshell fragments before, for example in the City of David in Caesarea. And Apollonia but because eggshells are therefore fragile, it has not been discovered that the eggs are still intact. Until “On a global level, this is extremely rare.”

Archaeologists say 1,000-year-old chicken eggs were covered in human feces. Which causes an oxygen-free state, and this is a very rare condition. Chicken eggs can maintain a perfectly thin shell for a long time. “In archaeological excavations we sometimes find ancient ostrich eggs. They have a thicker shell than a chicken egg so it helps maintain their integrity.”

“The unique care of this egg is clearly due to the conditions prevailing in the breeding areas that have been around for centuries. It is buried in soft human waste, which serves to preserve the eggs,” he added. “How do the eggs end up in the toilet? We will never know.”

However, despite the best efforts made by archaeologists to preserve the eggs, when they try to clean them and keep them in perfect condition. In the organic laboratory of the Israel Antiquities Authority, it was unfortunately found that the eggs had “broken” holes.

“Unfortunately, the egg had a small crack at the bottom, so most of the egg leaked out. Only some yolk remained. This has been preserved for future DNA analysis.

“There’s just a little bit of the yolk left inside. “We’re going to extract some of the collagen to try to sequence the DNA. “Don’t worry, the eggs have been fully recovered after being processed in the organic laboratory.”

“Even today eggs also do not survive for long in cartons on supermarket shelves. It is amazing to think so and this is the discovery of a 1,000-year-old chicken egg. Dr. Alaa Nagorski An archaeologist from the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

According to researchers, chicken has been available in Israel for approximately 2,300 years, and it increased with the Muslim population in the seventh century AD, and in the region it is forbidden to eat pork, as evidenced by the amount of pork bones found in many places. Which. “When every family needs to replace protein that does not require refrigeration and preservation of food, this protein has been found in eggs and chicken meat,” Berry-Gall said.

In addition to medieval chicken eggs, three bone dolls that were used as toys about 1,000 years ago were also discovered in a water tank. “What’s interesting are the other exciting finds. They were pulled from the same hole as the egg. They include three traditional Islamic bone dolls that were used as toys about 1,000 years ago.

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