Hansa Nuclear does not regret the divorce. Live your life as if you were born again. I did everything that was previously forbidden!

Nuclear Hansa reveals the deep reason for the breakup and declares that life is like being born again. I did everything that was previously forbidden. But now I don’t think about anyone.

Now that she is single again, it can be said that she is becoming more beautiful every day. By Nuclear Actress Hansa Jongwiwattanaong He recently opened up on WOODY INTERVIEW and talked about the deep reasons for a breakup. Life is like being born again. I did something that had never been done before. I feel grateful to myself that I was able to overcome this point. Be happy with yourself at this time, don’t think about getting a new friend.

How is your life now?

Nuclear: I’m happy, I feel like I’ve just grown into a young woman. I feel like we look back at that time. We are very young.

What made us feel like children at that time?

Nuclear: Ideas are the main thing. I’m so young and I barely know how to do anything myself. You must depend on your ex-husband

One day when they walked together and were not happy. You just have to hit whoever but you just have to be aware enough to know that you really have to go, and you will prove it. Is everyone getting better?

Nuclear: Yes everyone is better. It’s a decision we think we made right.

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How is Little Taiga?

Nuclear: I’m glad we both stick to Taiga as our main focus. No matter what decisions are made, the taiga is the main focus. Today we are still together. What do we do together as friends? We go everywhere together because of the taiga.

Relationships while we were friends and had the smell of an ex-husband. In the beginning, what was it like and was it difficult to adjust?

Nuclear: There was nothing for Neo, it was over because before Neo got to the point that Neo broke up with her. Well, Neo was the one who broke up with him. We have accumulated so much, that we feel that the reward for what we have accumulated is to leave without regret. That is, when Neo gives advice to friends, Neo will always say don’t give up yet. Let’s go back. No matter how many rounds or thousands of rounds, it’s better to start first. Until one day when it was all gone it didn’t feel like anything anymore. He will get away very easily. Without any regrets we left.

Because for some people, when it’s over, they’re still afraid, but the thing about a new day is knowing that it’s over?

Nuclear: Yes it’s over, it’s all over, the last day I felt and that means we’re constantly weighing whether we’re happier or more miserable. That is, if suffering is equal to happiness, then there is nothing wrong with it, but here the suffering began to increase. And then we’re home and feeling uncomfortable. We feel pressure. We are not happy anymore. We think we should go.

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Get out of the relationship and then start living life on your own. I made my own decision. Do everything yourself. It’s like being born again. Tell me what’s there?

Nuclear: That is, when we first came out, no one agreed with us at all. At that time, there were not many celebrity couples who announced their separation. That is, my parents told me that if she resigned, she would be one of the first to marry. Aren’t you ashamed? Aren’t some of your friends ashamed? Why can’t you bear that for your child? What will you do when you go out? No matter how you care for your children, you will be labeled as having an imperfect marriage. And we are the kind of people who, when we are together, brag that my life is happy, my husband is good, I am happy, I am the luckiest woman, aren’t you ashamed? He doesn’t care anymore!

At that time, I felt that we had to take care of our hearts. I mean a lot of people like to say that you have to love yourself. But there’s something else people might forget: We should be compassionate with ourselves, kind, and when friends come to us for advice, that’s okay. I did my best. It’s tiring, we don’t have to fight with anyone anymore. But when we tell ourselves to fight and be patient and things like that, try using the words we say to our friends. Come and talk to us yourself and you will feel lighter. We will feel like we truly love ourselves if we are like this. So Neo no longer cared how anyone looked at him. Put yourself first. Then Neo came out and broke up and got divorced and fell out, whatever happens will happen. I feel that if a new person loves himself and is kind to himself the world will be kind to us. And there really are no drawbacks at all. It’s okay, Neo did what Neo wanted to do. This never happened, no matter what the new one was forced not to do, the new one could have done it.

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What is forbidden to do?

Nuclear: Go diving because he doesn’t want Neo to go learn to dive. He doesn’t want Neo on the boat. He is afraid of people flirting with him. I mean he’s very jealous of Neo I mean he’s not wrong I mean everything New follows the line he drew. We are not allowed to play love scenes. What stories are not allowed to be played? Clothes should not be strapless. No mini tank tops, no backless skirts, no miniskirts. We were crazy to follow it at first. Because we love him

I’ve done it all here, traveling abroad, to countries I wanted to go to, wanting to go to festivals. I liked EDM, but he didn’t like it, so he never took me there. When I quit, I go alone, I go to Tomorrowland, I go, whatever country I go to, I go alone. Brother Woody, did you know that when Neo went to Tomorrowland, Neo stood up and cried, just like Hardwell did everything. The stage he made was like Disneyland, things like that, the fireworks, the sound, the people, the weather, everything was like that. like him. I cried, feeling grateful to myself that I was able to overcome this point and choose my own path. I came to see and do something like this. This is what life really is

What do you talk to yourself about when it matters most?

Nuclear: I said it as I said Neo would talk to friends. We really did our best, we don’t have to fight for anyone. We are at our best. When we feel completely satisfied and look back, we will no longer regret the past. Neo thinks Neo did his best. The new one is a good wife. New is a good friend. New is a good mother. But when our hearts can’t sustain anymore we cherish our minds. Then you better take the next step.

Have you ever cried alone before?

Nuclear: Regularly, during the time we weren’t separated yet, it was tiring and exhausting. Well, Neo sat down and came to the conclusion that we broke up for exactly why. I thought about it all the time until it crystallized that like new values ​​it was one thing, but he didn’t give it importance, didn’t see its value. So things can’t go together. For example, New places great value on words. Words that affect the mind Words of encouragement It’s all about the words but Pee Phet doesn’t appreciate that. Sometimes P’Petch is in a bad mood, talks constantly, talks without thinking, and says things that make us sad. Talking makes us feel bad, and oftentimes it builds up. Until one day it was not possible to do it anymore. The person who speaks does not think about it, but the person who listens does.

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Has Taiga ever asked why Mom and Dad don’t live together? Have you ever thought before breaking up how we should respond to our children?

Nuclear: As ever, New has many words that I have in my head often. But when he actually asked, it was like that. Things didn’t go well either. I can only say that Papa and Ma are no longer in love. Understands the word friend. This friend means being together, loving each other, having children together, but Baba and Ma Mi love Taiga more than anything, as always, and never change. Even if the relationship between us is different, it will change. But parenting hasn’t changed.

What did Taiga say?

Nuclear: Why doesn’t papa mami sleep when he sleeps? Once our house is finished, Ma Mei won’t come to stay at Papa’s house, right? I mean he’s just curious, but he’s not getting anything done. But we’re so cool. Because we were little girls we thought that once we got married and had a family and had kids, it would be over, and that’s what we thought. Absolute perfection, that’s what we thought. But the truth is that it is not over at all, it is not over yet, there are many stages of life.

In today’s society, there are probably many divided voices on whether this should be tolerated or not. What do you think we use to make decisions?

Nuclear: Try to weigh your happiness with your suffering. If happiness is more than good, I’ll take it anyway. If suffering and happiness are the same, they can still go together. Suffering a little is still enough to get rid of it. But if there is a lot of suffering and then we feel that we are not happy at all. Why do we put up with it? Why do we put up with it? Fight and live a happy life on your own. It is already happier.

How is your life now? Do you have a man?

Nuclear: He kept coming (laughs), at first we were afraid that if we went out, would anyone come in? Because of age I also have a child. Also Married She’s There Woody. And what’s happening is there’s a lot of kids, starting at 21 years old, from IG and things like that, sending messages here and there. Or maybe we’ll go to some I Met a Kid event like this one from the Y series. There’s a lot more in that direction. Why don’t you like the same model? Like, do you want more moms or something? He said that when you talk to your older brother, he’s a good adult, he’s not stupid, and then he says, well, he has a kid and he still takes care of himself that way, he likes it. But if it’s too small, it doesn’t. I don’t know much about hadith. It’s okay to go on a fun trip, but talking about real life is very difficult because he doesn’t understand what we’ve been through. We’ve been through a lot. But he didn’t go through anything really difficult.

But now you don’t want a boyfriend?

Nuclear: No, I don’t want that at all.

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