Thai stocks closed 4.17 points higher, swinging out of a limited range with no new supporting factors. Watch the Fed meeting report: InfoQuest

The stock market closed today at 1,423.61 points, an increase of 4.17 points (+0.29%), with a trading value of 37,772.79 million baht.

Trading stocks today the index fluctuates sideways. The lowest point was 1418.42 points and the highest point was 1427.13 points.

As for changes in securities, today 269 securities rose, 171 securities decreased, and 209 securities remained unchanged.

Today, the Thai stock market is swinging sideways within a limited range, based on a slight downward trend, said Mr. Narongdit Chanthabeesarn, Director of Securities Analysis at AIRA Securities. Because there are no new issues to support and after accepting the fact that investors gave almost 100% weight to the idea that the US Federal Reserve would have stopped raising interest rates so significantly. The exchange’s press release went in the direction of strict trading control, and did not make much sense to the market, including issuing a loan invoice worth 500 billion baht to be used in the digital wallet project, and there is still uncertainty.

While investors await the release of minutes from the October 31-November 1 Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Committee (FOMC) meeting at 2:00 a.m. (Thailand time) on Wednesday, if any, an indication that the Fed still has the opportunity to raise rates. Benefit. Controlling inflation may put pressure on the market.

Tomorrow’s market trends should swing to the side first. Support is at 1,410 points and resistance is at 1,432 points.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities

AOT’s turnover reached 3,557.66 million baht, closing at 67.25 baht, down 1.75 baht.

PTT’s trading value reached 1,797.36 million baht, closing at 34.75 baht, an increase of 0.25 baht.

BDMS’s trading value reached 1,351.85 million baht, closing at 26.75 baht, an increase of 0.25 baht.

ADVANC had a trading value of 1,318.67 million baht, closing at 216.00 baht, the price unchanged.

BBL’s turnover reached 995.34 million baht, closing at 152.00 baht, down 0.50 baht.

By InfoQuest News Agency (Nov 21, 23)

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