Jam Neko Jump made the wrong decision to leave the industry to focus on love. In the end, the marriage fell apart and life deteriorated for two years The Bangkok Insight

Life took a backseat for two years, and Jam Neko Jump made the wrong decision to leave the industry to focus on love. In the end, the wedding failed. So disappointed that I became depressed. I do not want to live

Open your heart for the first time! Of young singers Nico Jump Jam or Charata jam From making wrong decisions in life after leaving the industry to focus on married life but love failing to causing depression, she shed tears and revealed that she briefly thought about not wanting to live. Finally, there was a turning point and we accepted what happened.

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This is the first time that Jam has the opportunity to talk about this matter. About depression because before this, you didn’t dare to tell anyone, right?

“This is when we get depressed. We won’t wake up another morning. And then we can know that I’m abnormal. I have to see a doctor. Am I depressed or something? That means the symptoms will keep coming, and come on gradually without us knowing.” , just as our personality, habits, or how we change our behavior changes gradually without us knowing at all. The feeling of not being able to meet people. I don’t want to meet anyone. I don’t want to accept the job. I don’t want to meet fans. Or even friends. We don’t talk to anyone, as if we keep to ourselves. “Wake up in the morning, lie in bed and do nothing.”

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“This is where it started, but we don’t know. Growing up like this, I went through a lot of events in my life. Normally we can cope for different reasons, but during this time we had no reason at all. Not being able to control your emotions at all, feeling negative, And feeling worthless, like you want to die (shaking, crying), which is a very bad idea, causing disappointment in your family. Of not being able to get up and go to work. And I didn’t take the job at all. Staying home. Everyone tried to reach us. But we “We pushed him away. And after that I felt sorry for myself because my family helped me so much. I mean, I’m a normal person. I could even be a star before we get to that point but we have bad ideas and we don’t want anything. Quit everything in life.”

What was that period of life like at that time?

“At that time my life was completely dark even though there were people around me. But we feel like we are alone. We feel like we are a burden on everyone. I want to disappear. I want to disappear from this world so that everyone can be happier. This means that it will be this kind of thinking.” “And I can’t stop thinking this way.”

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Where did all the stories that happened accumulate from? How to deal with it? To be able to sit in front of Brother Woody even today?

“Well, we were living at a higher point than this when we were Nico Jump, right? And after that, we felt like we wanted to start a new chapter in our lives. I think that’s enough to work in the industry. Our new path is to dedicate ourselves to being someone’s wife. I want to To give my all to that place. And then when that didn’t happen so I feel like I chose the wrong path. So I think what our parents always sacrificed for us the mother sacrificed leaving her own job to support us full time until this moment. But we chose to leave and then what do you think “It’s better it didn’t happen, so I think we made a bad decision.”Causing everything to fall apart. “In reality, the problem may not even seem like such a big, world-ending problem.”

“But in the emotional state of depression, it was so big at the time that I couldn’t think about anything else. That is, if people were in a normal mood they would be fine. Everyone has problems in life. We can get through it. Stress a little.” “And cry a little bit and it’ll be over. We can walk away from there. But when there’s a problem with depression the brain chemistry is abnormal. It keeps us in a cycle like this and we can’t get out of it. When I got it, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I thought I could deal “With it myself. We let the symptoms get worse, and when we find out, we don’t dare tell anyone. I don’t dare do anything about it because I feel embarrassed.”

At what point was the turning point?

“This is the day we said we wanted to disappear (voice trembling) I lay down thinking to myself that it would be better if we weren’t home (crying) after thinking like that. We lay down on the bed and put the phone away. Then the phone alert appeared as a message in the chat The family says, “Do you want to eat?” Is this good? I love you, so I feel like it’s not possible.’ I don’t want to be like this anymore. We were tired of having to be like this all the time, and we wanted to heal, so at this point we decided to accept what happened. I accept what it is now, but at “At that time I didn’t know it was depression. But I knew my mind wasn’t normal. So I decided to see a psychiatrist. It took about two years of treatment before I felt like it was gone. I didn’t have that feeling anymore.”

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