Popular VALORANT players Demon1 and Potter of Evil Geniuses have been nominated for the 2023 Game Awards.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 5:00 PM, 24 seconds, Indochina time

Back to the middle of the month. November 2023 Previously, the names were announced Game prizes About different games, every branch, including games Gotti Of the year 2023 Allowing viewers at home to participate in voting on their favorite games in full. You can read the details with the list of additional games in this article.

In addition to a list of various games that Game prizes The public was chosen to participate in the voting, and there is another branch outside the different branches of the game because it will be under the category of “Athletes List Awards.” E-sports annual 2023 And the prizes trainer Famous names of the year 2023


And of course with the stories that spread throughout the year. 2023 Including the most dense content in the industry Valorant So he made two famous players for the agency Evil geniuses like Devil1 And trainer Very skilled Potter It has been successfully submitted to this list

Of course, the writer cannot predict the outcome of this vote for both players and… trainer What page will it come out on? But if we make a random guess, we might think that the two topics will be very close to each other. Details will be as follows.

  • As for athletes, the writer believes that fans of “ forged ” And ” Zioo “There needs to be a bigger fan base. Devil1 Quite a lot, which makes for a victory this year Devil1 In the list Game prizes It might be a little difficult.
  • side trainer Because the author does not follow the competition. Monitoring 2 And League of Myths How much does it cost makes you think. Potter He seems to have the greatest potential to win this time. Fans though Zonic There will be quite a few. But if compared to trainer The girl who comes with the most stubborn story is ready to lead the agency to win the championship in the final stage. It should be more shocking than many people’s stories. Within this year it will be possible.

Includes topics about ” Best eSports event ” with ” Best eSports team “During this year Game prizes It gives the public the opportunity to join in and enjoy voting. If we were allowed to speculate, we might imagine that the result of the vote might come out like this. The details are as follows.

  • Best Esports Event | Personally, I think this summary should be on the lottery list. Valorant Champions 2023 or not League of Legends World Championship 2023 Because I have to admit it T.I to Dota 2 in the year 2023 There is rarely anything spectacular. Including competition Evo 2023 And BLAST.TV PARIS MAJOR 2023 which, although quite amazing But it must be admitted that this year they are still inferior to the two programs mentioned above.
  • Best E-Sports Team | If there is no mistake, I think he belongs to the White Knight. Fnatic It should get a very overwhelming vote result this year. Although they did an excellent job before the final hack, but I have to admit that I belong. Fnatic It can be considered one of the fans’ favorite teams that has a large fan base.

Finally, for any interested readers, you can join in voting on both. 31 Branch within the website Game prizes You will be able to vote from now and the official results will be announced. December 7, 2023 We have to wait and see what the result is. Gotti This year and the best players in the industry E-sports The lottery will be drawn as to which player we will have to wait and see.

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