Thai shares close 3.44 points higher, swing sideways in response to Fed holding interest rates – Individual stock speculation after Q4/2023 budget: InfoQuest

  • The stock market closed today at 1,367.96 points, up 3.44 points (+0.25%), with a trading value of 42,001.69 million baht.

  • Today's stock trading index is swinging sideways. The lowest point was 1357.39 points and the highest point was 1372.83 points.

  • As for securities, the changes today increased by 226 securities, decreased by 224 securities, and remained unchanged by 196 securities.

Today, the Thai stock market is swinging sideways, said Mr. Natapon Khamtakroya, Director of Securities Analysis at Yuanta Securities (Thailand). In response to the issue, the Federal Reserve (US central bank) unanimously decided to keep short-term interest rates at 5.25-5.50% at its meeting yesterday. There is strong speculation on individual stocks based on Q4 2023 results.

While investors wait to follow the political issues in the country. The matter began to be referred to the Election Commission to dissolve the Cow Clay Party. After the Constitutional Court ruled that the actions of Mr. Petha Limcharoenrat and the Imam Party constituted the overthrow of the democratic government in which the king is head of state. So we have to wait and see what happens next.

Tomorrow's market trend expects the index to swing sideways, following the release of US non-farm employment numbers in January. Tomorrow night, the support level is 1,365 points and the resistance level is 1,375 points.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities

  • AOT Trading value reached 3,041.55 million baht, and closed at 61.75 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht.

  • In order The trading value reached 1,863.55 million baht, and closed at 150.00 baht, and the price was unchanged.

  • Bubble Trading value was 1,450.70 million baht, closing at 140.00 baht, down 1.00 baht.

  • Push to talk Trading value reached 1,255.57 million baht, and closed at 34.25 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

  • TRUE Trading value reached 1,030.74 million baht, and closed at 6.10 baht, an increase of 0.05 baht.

Written by InfoQuest News Agency (01 February 2024)

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