Teacher Baybun opens auditions for new kids to join the camp by age… – Karatay has composed a brand new song!

Teacher Byeboon Saengdwin is opening recruitment for new students to join Jaudjad Camp. She was criticized about her age until the terms changed – Karatay Banepa signed a contract with a new brand.

Movements are still constantly monitored. Master Paipun Saengdwin And Vaniba rabbit After the couple broke up before Teacher Paebun would come out to share the news about the open auditions. Recruiting new kids to join their Gwadjad camp. There is an age ceiling. Many people even complained that they were too old to apply, and some were not okay with why only young children were accepted.

After the age of the applicants became an issue, Master Baibon Saengdwen changed the rules. There is no specific age limit. With a message posted on Facebook saying

“#Please allow and clarify the age of the applicant. I saw many comments that were dissatisfied with the age, so I would like to make an announcement here. We accept applications from birth to age 60. We just need to know how to sing, be passionate, hardworking, honest, And be patient, and create work together. Age is irrelevant. #It'sHere.2024 “An opportunity for people with dreams and a passion for singing.” Applications for auditions are open starting today – February 7.”

Master Paipun Saengdwin

As for Karatay Banipa’s latest moves (January 31, 2024), it happened that she worked with famous songwriter Jenny Phothai to make a new album, revealing that “Kratai Banipa’s new album is produced by Ajarn Jenny Phu Thai, 10 songs in quick succession.” #Please Follow Ila Nae Jaa” Before sharing a sample of the first song MV with the “Phu Thai Music” label, the song is called “Jap Khak Yu”. On the album “Phu Kao 2024” for fans to follow.

Vaniba rabbit

Vaniba rabbit

Vaniba rabbit

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