A collection of photos of the most satisfying moments at Galaxy Experience Space that you can't go anywhere else. Come and play until February 11th.

In addition to the hottest leading mobile phones such as Galaxy S24 series Fully equipped with Galaxy AI technology, there are also special activities organized there Galaxy experience space Many, especially the Fun Fin with Fan Sweet activity are fans of the beautiful activity that brings together an army of couples to scream for 4 days, along with the Galaxy Workshop activity there is also the Digital Stamp Rally activity which is decoded from the highlights of the Galaxy S24 series.

It passed admirably. With the beginning of a new era in the Galaxy Experience Space, which begins with the sweet activity between the most exciting couple. “Dah woo-” off road, sign – Ready my boy – “ping” In the middle of an atmosphere full of fans and lucky fans who became close to the fictional couple. Let me tell you, I am satisfied and satisfied again. In addition, everyone who attended the event also enjoyed the various activities held in this Galaxy Experience space. It's so much fun that you won't want to go back.

Not only are fans extremely happy, but the Galaxy Experience Space also includes a whole host of activities, filling the space where passers-by can join in the amazing experience. Ready to introduce new features of Galaxy AI in Galaxy S24 series To make everyone's life better, like


  • Demonstrating the power of the power plant Snapdragon 8 3rd generation This makes game play uninterrupted and ready to receive a mouse pad from FAKER, a professional national player.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN HANDSTRAP AREA: Create your own unique phone strap.
  • View the SoMe activity, just snap a photo + check in at the adjacent Galaxy Experience Space Bangkok location #Samsung #GalaxyExperience Space #GalaxyS24 Post on social media and get it! Super cute Sticky Monster Lab stickers
  • With exclusive prizes in Samsung's collaboration with the Sticky Monster Lab brand for those who joined the activities at the event. Galaxy experience space Just

There are also other activities such as Galaxy Workshop, which are innovative and fun, every day. With a workshop that will give you the real experience of using Galaxy AI, along with tips on how to use the different features closely, whether it's a search circuit, if you can't find anything, it's just a circuit, or direct translation, making the language a question. No more walls Whether you are calling or typing in a chat, the language can be translated in real time.


But for those who missed the previous activities, do not be sad. Since Samsung is also holding the Fun Fin with Fan Sweet Final on Saturday, February 3, 2024 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the rules are simple: simply join all the Digital Stamp Rally activities in the Galaxy Experience Space and enter to compete for Awards. To acquire the rights to Lucky Fan

If you missed it, join to get your rights easily. Just share photos via social media. Ready to add a business hashtag and with that, you have the right to be one of the 30 lucky people who will be able to become loved ones and move into a new era with one of the most amazing couples in the world. Mike Corinthas and Natha Natasic Follow the details on Facebook: Samsung

All of these activities can be found at the Galaxy Experience Space from today until February 11 in Central Ladprao.


There are also great promotions. This mobile phone model includes:

  • Next 1 An additional discount of up to 5,000 baht when you trade in your old device. (Additional discount from the estimated price of 5,000.- when purchasing a Galaxy S24 Ultra and 4,000.- when purchasing a Galaxy S24+ l S24)
  • Next 2 30% discount on purchase of Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Buds (30% off website price for all participating Galaxy Buds models) only when purchasing the same order)

Distinctive, order the distinctive colors now on Samsung Experience Store 106 branches are entitled to a tax deduction from Easy E-Receipt up to 50,000 baht, check additional details at the point of sale. This campaign can be purchased until March 3, 2024.

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