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Hello friends today we bring good items. This has been brought up repeatedly. This time let’s talk about oral health… Many people want to review the toothpaste they use and love. Today we will arrange it as per your request. We’ve rounded up some of the toothpastes we’ve tried. Let’s share with each other, how is it after using it?

Let me tell you that there are many brands to choose from. Every brand we chose should be fine. Focus on herbal formulations and aid in oral health care. Bad breath remover… Because we realize that bad breath or dental problems, if they occur, cause loss of confidence as well, right? Therefore we must take good care of it. You can try using our recommended toothpaste… Well, if you want to know the brands of toothpaste, let’s take a look together.


Let’s start with a brand that many people are familiar with: Dentiste toothpaste, which helps reduce bacterial buildup… It also nourishes the gums and reduces bleeding gums. Just like this. I used it and felt like it really helped reduce bad breath. If used continuously, the mouth feels cleaner

Main ingredients: Extracted from 14 herbs, xylitol, a sweetener instead of sugar that does not cause tooth decay, CDX helps trap bacteria, and stabilized vitamin C nourishes gums and teeth.

Feelings after use: The smell is good, the taste is minty and a little cool…in terms of hygiene, I think it’s pretty good. Fresh breath It really helps reduce bacteria at night. When I woke up I had less bad breath. If used continuously, it will also help in whitening teeth.

Price Quantity: 113 baht / 50 grams
Rating: 4.5/5


Herberry Herberry Toothpaste is a new toothpaste brand that we just tried. But once I tried it, I fell in love. Because it is a toothpaste that contains extracts of fruits and herbs. There are also no preservatives. So it makes us want to try it. Because I personally believe that toothpaste containing natural extracts like this should be good and gentle on our mouths. This is really like this.

Main ingredients: 11 kinds of fruits and herbs such as eucalyptus, mint, patchouli, licorice, aloe vera etc. Pineapple Extract Natural acid from pineapple helps whiten teeth naturally Punica Granatum urinary extract helps prevent bacterial growth Papaya extract contains ingredients. Vitamin C makes your gums strong

Feelings after use: Firstly, it does not hurt your mouth, your mouth is not red… like when using herbal toothpaste. There will be a cold, hurting feeling in your mouth. But Herbury was not like that at all. The cold was painless. Fresh breath and feel like your teeth are really clean. There are not many bubbles, so when brushing, you can brush your teeth for a long time and thoroughly. As for the issue of bad breath, we can deal with it. When I use it before going to bed, I wake up and feel like it doesn’t have much of a scent, which makes me more confident….and the texture of the toothpaste is a little thick when I squeeze it, it’s a little different from other brands of toothpaste, but overall, I’m OK with it

Price Quantity: 150 baht / 60 grams
Rating: 4.9/5


Next is the Sensodyne brand that many people will be familiar with because this brand helps reduce tooth sensitivity well… We use the Herbal Multi Care model which is a model that contains herbal ingredients of eucalyptus extract and iron channel. Helps your breath smell fresh. With fluoride it helps prevent tooth decay as well. …At one point, I had sensitive teeth often, so I bought it and tried it. Seems like it could help. But you have to use it continuously for several days.

Main ingredients: Eucalyptus extract helps maintain oral hygiene, and vanilla extract helps fresh breath.

Feelings after use: As for Sensodyne, it’s another brand I really like. Since the consistency of the toothpaste is easy to squeeze, the taste and texture are just right when used. It’s not so cold that it hurts your mouth. It helps with tooth sensitivity and can prevent tooth decay. If it is used continuously, use it and feel that your mouth is clean. Fresh breath and a reasonable price. As for white teeth, this formula may not help.

Price Quantity: 57 baht / 50 grams
Rating: 4.5/5

Thai god

Coming to another brand that a lot of people say is good, Thepthai, a concentrated herbal toothpaste with fluoride. We use the same formula in the blue tube…I think it’s suitable for people who like the herbal style because it’s quite herbal. But to me, I felt that the herbal smell was a bit strong. When I clean it, my whole mouth is cold…but if you ask me if it’s good, I’d have to say it’s good. The finished brush is new and very clean.

Main ingredients: Many Thai herbs such as eucalyptus, patchouli, koi, cloves and mint help in taking care of gum health and preventing tooth decay.

Feelings after use: It has a strong herbal quality. When you use it, your mouth will feel a little cool. But brush and feel clean. No matter what you go to eat, it can be taken care of. Personally, I think it is suitable for people who drink tea and coffee. There are a lot of limestone accumulations. It should be of great help. But I don’t use it every day for a long time, and when I use it, I feel good… Oh! But the good thing is that with a small amount of use, the brush can get clean.

Price Quantity: 105 baht / 50 grams
Rating: 4/5

ing dent

The last brand, Jay Dent, belongs to the Chula Herb brand. It’s another brand we just tried. It’s a 3-in-1 herbal toothpaste: white teeth, fresh breath. Odorless, long lasting…and also very herbal (higher than Thip Thai) blended with up to 10 herbs to help keep your mouth clean. I personally think the herbal and cool scent is very strong, like a level 10.

Main ingredients: Up to 10 types of herbs such as andrographis paniculata, olive leaf, diamond cylinder, guava leaf, clove, etc.

Feelings after use: After trying it, I can say that my lips feel absolutely amazing. It is very herbal. The smell and taste of herbs scream. Anyone who loves this style will definitely like it. But for us it is a bit difficult to use. But it helps keep gums and teeth clean and healthy. But we should probably wrap things up first. But I wanted to share this with you in case there are people who like this style, I think it’s appropriate.

Price Quantity: 95 baht / 70 grams
Rating: 3.5/5

…and these are all the toothpastes we tried. This is our personal opinion only. Each person may like it differently. Friends, you should try it… Every brand has different benefits. It depends on what your friends like. If you want us to rank them. We’ve selected 3 brands we like the most as follows.

1. Herberry I think it’s a well made herbal toothpaste in terms of taste, smell and texture when used, doesn’t sting your mouth, leaves it clean and fresh.
2. Dentist I like that it’s easy to use. Both the smell and taste help treat bad breath and whiten teeth well.
3. Sensodyne It is rated to help with tooth sensitivity and the texture is soft, easy to use and a good price.

Let’s say friends. Which one do you like? Try to find one to use. ….For today, let me go first. Next time, there will be something else to share. You can wait to continue. Farewell.

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