Analyst Michael van de Poppe believes that before the halving, the price of Bitcoin will likely reach $50,000.

Last week, the price of Bitcoin made an impressive recovery, with the current price of Bitcoin reaching $34,000.

Many people have started looking into investment plans next week to see where Bitcoin will go next, and there are still those who think the downtrend is over and those who think this is just a hypocrisy trap before the price of Bitcoin drops hard.

One analyst, Michael van de Poppe, shared with his 670,000 followers on X his personal views on Bitcoin.

He himself believes that Bitcoin will test the $38,000 resistance level, and also believes that before the halving, we could see the price falling to the $45,000-$50,000 range.

When the price of Bitcoin reaches this point, it will likely stabilize and move sideways for a while before hitting a new all-time high, at which time all altcoins will be able to release things and speed through hell.

source: X

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