A young female singer lied when she came to visit Korean immigration, but actually went to play a concert. People are criticizing and pointing this person out!?

Revealing the story of a country singer who lied to Korean immigration officials but actually came to play a concert and people criticized him, is this against the rules? Netizens are pointing out that he is the target… Recently the mission was cancelled.

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There’s one more thing for Mt. to do its homework on. Recently (October 28, 2023), a user, a country singer, did not pass Korean immigration because he lied about his arrival, but actually went to work.

By saying that “There was a country singer who didn’t go through Korean immigration this morning because he lied that he was coming to visit, but actually had a concert. When are we going to stop this kind of thing? Tell the authorities you’re famous. I just got an award.


The incident left netizens searching for the identity of the singer. The owner of the original post gave a clear answer when someone went in and asked if T.Ya is the singer who has recently gone viral with her stunning beauty.

Also, netizens are also criticizing each other. Many people question whether doing this is not against the law. Because normally, whether you are a star, singer or influencer, if you want to work abroad and earn money from your work, do you need to apply for a work visa to enter the country? It also seems that due to the carelessness of the people who ran into the city and using the wrong type of visa, it is difficult for Thai people to enter South Korea nowadays and especially closely monitored by the Immigration Bureau. Some actually wanted to travel but had to be sent back to Thailand.


However, a netizen revealed the chat by leaving a clue pointing out that the particular singer is a female singer with the initials J. But upon checking the man’s schedule, it was discovered that he was actually flying to South Korea on October 28, 2023.

As for the female singer in question, is she the same person that netizens are targeting? We will have to wait and find out more.



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