Kazakhstan grieves nationwide: A fire in a coal mine kills 42 people and leaves 4 others missing

Kazakhstan mourned across the country on Sunday. After a severe fire broke out in a coal mine in the central region. Causing the deaths of up to 42 people.

Foreign news agencies reported that Kazakhstan declares national mourning on Sunday, October 29, 2023, after a coal-like fire destroyed a company. ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg The accident killed 42 people, making it the country’s worst mining accident in the post-Soviet era.

The accident occurred at a coal mine called Kostenko in the Karaganda region in central-eastern Kazakhstan. Last Saturday night, the fire spread in the mine tunnel for a distance of 2 kilometers, and led to many deaths. Officials are searching for four other miners who are still missing. But the chance of finding a survivor is very low.

The recent explosion is one of several accidents that occurred at the company’s mines. ArcelorMittal managed for many years and as a result, the government of Kazakhstan decided to replace its local companies ArcelorMittal is a state enterprise while some want to change all state enterprises. Without any compensation

ArcelorMittal came out to confirm on Sunday that they and the Kazakh government had signed a preliminary agreement. To transfer ownership of their local subsidiaries to the Republic of Kazakhstan with the promise that such transfer will be completed as soon as possible.

ArcelorMittal entered Kazakhstan in 1995 and operates 15 plants and mines in central Kazakhstan. They were initially seen as a beacon of hope for a country whose economy was stagnating after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But lack of investment in safety standards is not enough. Causing accidents that led to death in the mine. ArcelorMittal’s management has often and always drawn criticism from the Kazakh government. Meanwhile, trade unions are calling on the government to increase oversight. Until the final tragedy happened.

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