Super cool Thai link “Lisa” spreads cuteness to cool the heat with deep surprise

Gorgeous Thai link 'Lisa' brings a touch of cuteness to soothe your nerves at LISA's Ease Every Moment with TrueMoney fan meeting event, along with a sincere, nostalgia-worthy surprise.

BLINK, many people may still be happy and attached to their favorite global star “Lisa Blackpink” from LISA FAN MEET-UP event: Ease Every Moment with TrueMoney, a super exclusive activity from Lucy from TrueMoney, a financial app with spending, saving and investment coverage services, Which invited 2,500 fans to experience Lisa's cuteness and create beautiful memories together that will make their hearts swell and scream loudly at True Icon Hall, 7th Floor, Icon Siam recently.

At this event, in addition to debuting Lisa with a touch of cuteness that will warm your heart, TrueMoney will also unveil a complete fun and exclusive experience. By bringing together a variety of activities that fans can enjoy and join in, such as activities highlighting TrueMoney's online payment service. Which covers a variety of uses including shopping for great deals, purchasing apps, adding games, applying for entertainment packages, etc., providing the convenience of just 'sip, pay and done', as well as giving confidence that there is no need to To share account and credit card numbers. Along with more exclusive activities that allow attendees to play games for a chance to become a lucky fan, including “The Right Moment for Lisa,” which lets fans guess what Lisa likes, and “Shop. Easy, fun to check out, just dip in.” , pay, and you're done using TrueMoney” for fans to help Lisa with her online shopping. By all the participants there were 40 very lucky people who were able to get up close and take selfies with Lisa. And get an autographed photo. Go with the True teddy bear Money most special Go to bed and hug your heart.

Ms. Monsigne Nakpanan, General Manager of Ascend Money Company Limited, said: “This activity was organized to thank TrueMoney users and welcome Blinkers who have become members to our site. We are happy to have the opportunity to create sweet moments and give an impression to both Lisa, our brand ambassador, and all Blink fans.” At this event. Thank you to all the users and partners who supported this event so well. It makes us see the overwhelming love of the fans that has passed from Lisa to the brand. Thank you to Lisa. Who is the key person who helps drive this campaign to success and also inspires TrueMoney users to create Possibilities for Everyone TrueMoney will continue to strive to develop convenient, secure and ready financial services to meet people's digital lifestyle needs in many dimensions, complete in one application.

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End of Business Before Parting Flash and Real Money People also worked together to create a touching moment by throwing a surprise birthday party for Lisa. Let the fans sing along ready to deliver a big cake that made Lisa unable to hold back her tears. Keep good memories to the fullest. It is a fan meeting event that will spread cuteness and happy flashes in everyone's hearts in April this summer. “I am very happy to work with TrueMoney. Thank you to the fans everyone who took the time to be together today and I hope TrueMoney will have good activities so that we can Seeing everyone again soon.

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