Look at the statistics of “gold” which has risen to 8,000 baht in 4 months, I hope it will reach 44,000 baht.

Mr. Jit Tangsitbaktee The head of the Gold Traders Association told Tansetkeage that the price of gold is likely to increase further, and is expected to reach 44,000 baht in the second quarter of this year. The central bank delaying interest rate cuts from the effects of tensions in the Middle East situation has not weighed heavily on gold prices.

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“The central bank has moved away from using dollars as a reserve. Instead, gold is seen as a long-term, stable hold, and as a result the price of gold, which is a safe-haven asset. It is likely to correct further. The Gold Dealers Association expects the global gold market to reach US$2,500/oz by this year. May go up to, but unlikely to reach USD 3,000, so anyone looking to invest in this period will still profit. This morning, the price of gold is down 350 baht, which is a rest point because it's still in a gold bullion.”

In this regard, central banks around the world have purchased more than 1,000 tonnes of gold per year in 2022-2023, while central banks around the world continue to buy gold. China has been the top buyer of gold this year, for the 17th month in a row, followed by Turkey. And India is at the third position.

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