Discuss out loud! “Hong Kong Ghost” So, do you take pictures of people or ghosts? :PPTVHD36

Discussing each other on social media after a popular blogger took photos while traveling in Hong Kong that went viral with the hashtag “Hong Kong Ghost”. Netizens were looking for the 50/50 truth.

It is an issue that is being talked about on social media for Thai people. It may also include Hong Kong residents. When there was a blogger called Aleta Blattler or “Anti” who was half Thai and half Swiss. The owner of the “ANNDAY Travels One Day” YouTube channel, which has more than 18.5 thousand followers, posted a clip telling the story of traveling in Hong Kong. Before he believed it he had taken a photo of a “ghost” and was trying to find out the truth until it went viral

The story begins: Last February, Anti said he traveled to Hong Kong. One day, she and a friend were walking down Hollywood Boulevard on their way to the museum. On the way, I saw cat graffiti on the wall of a store. So I invited friends to take pictures. She and her friend took photos through the store's glass door. From the other side of the road during that time, people kept walking behind her. I'll wait for people to pass by and then take a photo.

Anti took many photos. Both odd and even photos using two mobile phones alternately. After taking the pictures, I didn't check the pictures because I kept walking. Even back to the room at midnight so I sat down and looked at the photos ready to post on Instagram.

But when she looked at the last photo in front of the aforementioned store and wondered why her friend was wearing a different color shirt, she zoomed in on the photo and saw that the person wearing the red shirt was not her friend. But there was someone I didn't know standing on my shoulder. So I got goosebumps. He shouted loudly to his friends

Then Antti and his friends try to find out who this woman is. Which she confirmed that she did not know. I had never seen this woman before, and I am absolutely certain that the photo was taken by myself. Counter continued: Usually, if someone approaches you, you will know it immediately. So I don't want to believe that when someone is standing this close, they won't know.

Anti friend so try searching more until you know. This restaurant used to be a bar called The Parallel, which was still open every night. there is nothing wrong. I know that there is no content in this area that tricks people into going viral. So I assumed the woman in the red shirt in the photo was not a person. Before posting a YouTube clip detailing the schedule on April 15.

After the clip was posted on April 15, many people were interested and came to express their opinions. The group who thought they were ghosts made comments like: “We shouldn't ask them for anything. Because these spirits give us, they will take anything from us. It is destined to be an exchange.”

“If you say it's a person but what kind of person has such a scary face? The shirt is red again. Wouldn't the person taking the photo be able to see that out of the corner of his eye? The rhythm is to stop and take photos, not just pass by. If that were the case, we thought it was ghost.” “It must be someone who likes to walk around there. Then he died in that area. Besides, do you like taking pictures? So I want to join the frame too. Look at your dressing style, you look like you're still a teenager, etc.”

As for the side that thinks it's a person who came to express an opinion like, “I think the woman in red is the person walking down the sidewalk at a reasonable distance. Combined with the camera angle so it's like he's grabbing my shoulder. Maybe he crossed the road, but when he saw… We're taking pictures. He ran away and crossed to another place instead.” “I don't want the owner of the clip to worry that he's a ghost personally. I think he's a person no matter what.” “Maybe this person walked by me, bothered me, and then passed me. We were too busy taking pictures. He didn't pay attention to the surroundings either. Whoever doesn't believe it won't believe it.” etc.

Later, the Playpost Facebook page raised the photos in question. Let's consider the clothing of the person in the photo whom opponents believe is a ghost. It turns out that the total value of the outfit is close to 30 thousand baht. Divided into a Turnbull & Asser long-sleeved shirt at 21,330 baht, Zara jeans at 1,290 baht, and Autry shoes at 6,800 baht.

Even the parallel store, the one in the area where this story happened, knew about it. It was posted on the store's official Instagram story. With a message stating: We are aware of the matter and are working to investigate the matter. He is willing to confirm that since opening the shop he has never encountered a ghost. But I will check.

The store continues to publish stories, stories they say are being investigated. Surveillance cameras were seen. Stay tuned. There is also the use of apps. Scan to find ghosts to use as well. This prompted the Thais who followed the matter to express their dissatisfaction. He wondered why the store did not reveal details from the surveillance cameras.

The store recently came out and said that ask Thais to calm down, the store is investigating the matter. Before mentioning that later, the server is down and is being fixed. Which makes those interested in the story have to wait for further verification.

source: ANNDAY TRAVELING DAY TO DAY / Playpost / Bitch hair / theparallel_hk

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