Stunning, unbalanced, dangerous! Know yourself before it’s too late with the “Balance Analysis Machine”

When riding public buses and having to stop regularly ‘Chachani Phakawatsunthorn, Special Lecturer, International Engineering Program Management Office, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University’ I noticed that I couldn’t quite keep my balance. They are often overlapping

“Is this normal feeling of groggy and unable to balance? Is there a way to adjust or improve my balance?”

“Chatchanee” asks questions and searches for answers in order to become innovative. A “balance analysis machine” that can evaluate an individual’s balance by standing on a testing platform. This innovation received a Gold Medal from ITEX2023 and a Special Award (Gold Medal) from the World Intellectual Property Association of Inventions (WIIPA) at the 34th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2023 (ITEX 2023) in Kuala Lumpur. Federation of Malaysia supported by the Chula Spin-off Club (Club Chula Spin-off)

This innovation came from my own observation that when standing on the bus, I had trouble keeping my balance, and would often stagger. With interest, I went into further research in order to find a way to makebalanceOn the bus, we found that we still did not have the necessary equipment to analyze individual balance. Therefore, it was the starting point that led to the invention of this innovation. To know that we must practice or modify.behaviorhow

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Unusual balance, staggering when walking and standing, invisible dangers

Chachani intends to create this innovation to achieve medical benefits, such as using it in examination and evaluation.healthIt was initially used for analysisbalanceFor physical therapy and exercise design, in addition, this equipment can be used for personal development training for professions as well.

Stunning or balance problems are inherent problems with body movement in every position. An unbalanced walking rhythm will prevent us from moving forward steadily, causing falls, which can be life-threatening.

Irregular balance can occur for many reasons. Whether it is genetics, illness, injury or every person’s daily life. Including each person’s physical condition, especially muscles, joints, nervous system, sensory perception, signal transmission, and even the brain system.

“Ears affect balance. If you have abnormal symptoms in one ear which leads to an inability to balance. When there is movement, the symptoms will appear. Behavior in daily life Occupations that require muscle strength It also affects our balance,” Chachani said. Giving examples of reasons that may cause an abnormal balance.

If you look with the naked eye, you can seebalanceIt can only be vaguely abnormal, and most of the time, we know our balance is abnormal. Just when you feel dazed or have symptoms that interfere with the point of falling, so having a device that can analyze balance will help us recognize our abnormalities. To modifybehavior Prevent future falls

One device to analyze all aspects of balance.

The innovative balance analyzer is a digital device that uses Deep Tech technology. It is small, compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It consists of two main devices: a stand and a USB cable to connect to a computer, tablet or mobile phone. View via screen

“In addition to being able to measure basic values ​​such as weight and body mass index (BMI), the machine can also measure balance area and balance distance. So users know that when we are standing on the bus, waiting, or walking, how far we will stagger? What type of ataxia is normal compared to people of the same age and gender? “And to analyze whether we need to change our behavior or not,” Chachani explained.

Using this device is easy: simply connect the USB cable from the stand to your device, such as a tablet, mobile phone or computer. Then he stood on a platform like a scale. The device will then display the results of our balance analysis on the screen of the device it is connected to in real time on the balance analysis display. It is tested and displayed in real time on Microsoft Excel. The balance analyzer will display results in three formats:

1. View resultsbalanceA pie chart model shows the user’s balance value. Space for Balance and Balance Distance If the user’s stability value is at a level, light green (smaller circle) means very good stability, dark green (middle circle) means moderate stability. Gradual stabilization until the red level. (larger circle) This is within the criteria for imbalance of balance but is still able to maintain daily life and if the level exceeds the red circle (larger circle) it means that it is at a dangerous level. They have deformities and are at high risk. They should see a doctor urgently because abnormal balance at this level can affect daily life. In addition, it may be necessary to use devices to help with balance, such as canes and wheelchairs.

“There are many levels of balance. Even people with normal balance can be divided into several levels. Whether it is a group of gymnasts or yoga teachers, these groups usually have very good balance. For ordinary people who have some amazing balance, but it is not “It remains within normal limits.”

For people with mild and non-severe symptoms of drowsiness, individual adjustments can also be made by reading the pie chart. When we found that our balance was more to the left. We should adjust our body balance slightly to the right side. It will make maintaining balance better.

2. View personal information tables whether they have normal balance or not at the same age and gender or compare What level of balance should we have at our age?

3. View your body mass index (BMI), including weight, body fat and water content. For interested groupshealth Personality modification and exercise

Stunning, unbalanced, dangerous!  Know yourself before it's too late

Anyone can check their balance.

The balance analyzer is not just a device for seniors. But it can be used by children aged 4 years and above (or weighing 10 kg or more), including athletes. People who like to exercise People who want to develop their personality The benefits of the balance analyzer vary according to each age group and the needs of each person.

Young children: During this age group, children may have problems with balance, unsteadiness on their feet, staggering, or muscle weakness. This may cause the child’s body to be unable to develop according to the appropriate age. We can use an equilibrium analyzer to look at itbalanceFor the child, whether developed according to the appropriate age or not, in order to adjust balance and posture training to develop children’s muscle strength.

Athletes and practitioners can use the balance analyzer as part of a sports club or fitness center. By analyzing how each person has balance problems. Then use methods to train your body and modify your behavior according to expert advice.

Some athletes may lean more to one side when standing. You can analyze and train your body to adjust your balance. In addition, the machine can weigh. It measures body fat and water content just like fitness scales. But what is even more special is that balance can be measured in the same device.

Personal enhancement for careers

“People with such professions can train and develop their own personalities. By standing on the plane and practicing standing and speaking to see how you stand, if you are not standing straight, standing swaying, or standing with too much weight to one side. You will be able to know how With which you lean and adjust your body. The more you use this device regularly, you will know how to modify your behavior. Chachani advised that we know what our current circumstances are.

The elderly group is the group most at risk of falling, so using this tool will help assess the risk of falling. To allow the elderly to adjust their behavior or be careful in the right place, such as if there is a problem with your left leg, how to adjust your posture or build muscle, etc.

Chachani added that balance analyzers can be used for many purposes. According to the needs of people in every age group when used regularly continuous assessment of balance will create a state of self-alert in daily life. How is our balance? How should we modify or deal with it so that we can develop our balance as we want? What parts should you be careful of?

Stunning, unbalanced, dangerous!  Know yourself before it's too late

Balance analysis for medical purposes

Although the use of a balance analyzer can be done in several ways. But the main goal in creating this innovation is medical use. In various medical facilities, nursing homes and day care centers including going out to check on patients off-site. Or in remote areas

For this reason, this device is small and portable, and the results can be read without the need for a specialist.

Chachani said there are two main types of medical use for balance analyzers:

1. It is used to assess the risk of falling. Especially among the elderly who are most at risk of life-threatening falls. This is because most people do not realize they are limping or have poor balance until an accident occurs.

2. Used to practice balance and posture to train muscle strength. After using the device, analyze the user’s balance problems. Use the results to adjust your behavior, such as training your muscles. Change the way you stand. To develop a better balance and follow the developments obtained from behavior modification to see if there is a better balance or not.

Chatchanee spoke about the results of putting the innovative balance analysis machine into practice and after using it in 3 medical facilities, doctors had positive reviews. The response was very good. Especially internal medicine doctors and pediatricians who want to have this device to examine patients. Because this device can provide balance values, weight values, and other values ​​all in one device. This makes it possible to reduce the workload of doctors and provide access to patient groups far from hospitals.

In addition, Chatchanee also recommended doctors use this innovation with people with autism and ADHD. Patients who have suffered brain damage will use the results of the balance analysis to include guidelines for physical rehabilitation.

“People in the autism and ADHD groups often have balance problems. We have to train him to balance what to do. If we train him so he can develop according to the pattern. He has been able to develop longer focus.

In addition to the balance analyzer, Chachanee has also developed other innovative devices that help and relate to balance, such as the innovative cane. Smart devices for people: self-balancing stick.

Most elderly people do not like to use canes. This is because there is a belief that if you use a stick your body will not be strong. Even though in reality a cane is a device that helps people with balance issues better support their bodies. Therefore, we have developed the innovative Smart Flow stick that will help elderly people with balance problems achieve better balance.

Stunning, unbalanced, dangerous!  Know yourself before it's too late

Balanced and healthy

In the future, Professor Chachani intends to further develop balance analysis equipment so that he can expand the results of data analysis such as the visual system and the central nervous system. The sensory system, the auditory system, and the various interconnected systems affecting balance.

“This innovation is an essential tool. It helps doctors screen for fall risk in elderly people, and anyone can use it to know their balance and condition. This is to greatly reduce the burden on doctors. People in the community will enjoy better health.”

Those interested in innovations in balance analyzers can contact “Chatchanee” via email. [email protected] Or Facebook page: Design Up or official LINE account: Design Up (

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