The Prime Minister said that he did not speak to ‘Visanu’ as it was considered lobbying in the Rajya Sabha. In case of giving digital money

14 November 2023 – Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. Setha Tavisin discussed the case of Mrs. Sirikanya Dhansakul, Vice President of Move Forward Party. He came out to respond to the future prime minister’s argument that he needed to borrow money to finance the digital wallet project. Because the country is in crisis. But Ms. Sirikanya I don’t see this as a crisis. He didn’t argue with anyone. As they say, everyone has good intentions for the country. A crisis is not necessarily a crisis, he necessarily saw it as a crisis. People will decide that

When asked whether the Council of State had made any additional comments or not. The Prime Minister said that he had not yet discussed the issue as there were reports that a special warning would be issued in the Rajya Sabha. There was no word of warning in the Rajya Sabha. But there will only be words of agreement or disagreement. Please wait. But the government insists it is necessary and urgent.

Asked if this was discussed with former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Visanu Kriya-Ngam. He said that whoever has been appointed to the Rajya Sabha or not, the Prime Minister has not. We should be careful in discussing this issue. Because I don’t want it to be lobbying or talking. His discussion with the public in this regard has already been explained as urgent. It is clear how much Thailand’s GDP has grown compared to its neighbors and we have discussed the information in a very clear manner.

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