Sonos Ace wireless headphones with special dynamic driver design deliver powerful sound

Sonos Launching the first wireless headphones Sonos ACE Which is considered a complete entry into the headphones category after years of fan requests. As the world's leading audio company, the brand has changed the traditional way of listening. Introduce a new dimension of superior listening through Sonos' unique acoustic expertise and design.

Additionally, these premium Bluetooth® wireless headphones feature surround sound and lossless sound quality, world-class Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Aware Mode, as well as Sonos' latest TrueCinema technology that will give users an immersive experience and access to home theater enjoyment with clear sound. Precise will be available in Thailand in two colors: black and white, starting June 5, 2024 at a price of 17,900 baht.

The best private listening experience

Sonos ACE They are meticulously engineered to meet every expectation by bringing the best and most premium features from Sonos to these headphones.

  • Immerse yourself in the power of crystal clear sound: With two specially designed Sonos Ace dynamic drivers, they're ready to deliver clarity in every sound wave. Allows you to enjoy every second of your favorite songs. Favorite podcast or answer the phone from someone you know.
  • Personal cinema experience: Instantly switch audio from your Sonos Arc-powered TV to your Sonos Ace with the touch of a button. Ready to deliver the power of realistic home theater sound designed just for you. Ready to elevate your listening experience by emulating Dolby Atmos sound in your headphones, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning details of the surround sound system. It also comes with dynamic, location-based audio. To track your head movements when you reach, turn, or hold something. You are now ready to put in audio using headphones. It's been enhanced with the latest technology from Sonos this year, TrueCinema, which helps boost the accuracy of motion detection. Ready to introduce and create a position-based audio system. Create a listening experience that surrounds you. So realistic, you'll forget you're wearing headphones.
  • A tune between your world and the outside world: Tune in to every tone in your world with leading noise cancellation technology, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), or Aware Mode to switch to listening mode for external sound. Whether you are walking on a busy street or working in an office. It answers the question perfectly.
  • The battery lasts all day. Charge as quickly as you wish: Whether you're listening or talking, it can last up to 30 hours thanks to the labor-saving battery power that helps extend your enjoyment time to the maximum. Never miss a tune with super-fast charging, just 3 minutes and you can listen for another 3 hours with the included USB-C cable.

Simple, elegant design with endless comfort.

Sonos Ace designed these headphones to have the same premium audio quality as the brand. With a combination of beautiful and distinct designs. Elegant design with a balance between metallic and matte surfaces. It is suitable for every style. No matter how quickly trends change, it can be picked up and used.

  • Maximum comfort: The Sonos Ace is made of lightweight, premium materials that form comfortably to your head. With ultra-soft memory foam encased in vegan leather, providing the ultimate in softness, and a seamlessly designed headband and ear cups. It can be conveniently closed acoustically. Without eating the wearer's hair
  • Simple but perfect: Sonos Ace makes everything from use to storage easy – with the contrasting design of the ear cups helping to tell you the right way to wear your headphones. The well-designed function control buttons make every use extremely simple and convenient. It's also easy to store when you're done listening. Thanks to the Sonos Ace's unique design, it can be folded for storage. In a lightweight carrying bag.
  • Created with love: Sonos Ace is built to last and can be worn every day. Be it with the replaceable foam ear cushions ranging from the use of renewable materials in production that can reduce the use of virgin plastic by up to 17%, to the headphone case that uses felt recycled from plastic bottles by up to 75%, it has been Meticulously design every part with love for the world. In addition, the system also enhances energy efficiency. For example, the Wear Detection function stops playing music when you take out the Sonos Ace, which helps reduce charging. Use less power but performance is as good as before.

Sonos ACE Ready for sale as of June 5, 2024 at a price of 17,900 baht. See more information and follow the news before anyone else at and @sonosthailandofficial

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