Wife wins $47 million in lottery, files for divorce immediately the case is canceled and all money is paid to the husband. Bankrupt, nothing left

Cheap wifethe lottery 47 million, she filed for divorce from her life partner who had been together for 25 years, and in the end, De Blick had to give all the money to her ex-husband. Bankrupt, nothing left

Denise, a woman from California, USA, became the lucky winner.the lotteryWorth US$1.3 million (about 47.9 million baht) and 11 days later, she decided to file for divorce from Thomas, her husband of 25 years.

This incident happened in 1996 and Dennis remained silent about his accusation.the lotteryHe keeps it a secret The sudden decision to end their marriage left the husband shocked and confused. I don't understand why suddenly the wife was in such a hurry to end the relationship. He always thought that their married life was smooth and they loved each other well. She also urged him to get out quickly.

Years after their divorce, Thomas received a letter one day from a company that provided financial services to lottery winners. This makes Thomas discover the truth that his ex-wife has been hiding the lottery win. Out of anger he decided to file a lawsuit against Dennis.

Dennis claimed during the trial that she had wanted to end her relationship with Thomas for years before she won the lottery. But the court found that she violated the Asset Disclosure Act in divorce proceedings. and commit fraud

The court therefore ordered Denise to pay compensation to her ex-husband in the amount of US$66,800 per year (about 2.4 million baht) continuously for 20 years, which is equivalent to the total prize Denise received from winning the lottery.

Denise's lawyer reveals that if she didn't hide her lottery winnings she might be able to keep that money. The claim is that it is personal property that was acquired without her having any relationship with her ex-husband. Or at least they might be able to negotiate. But the judge was not content with concealing the total gains. It must belong to the ex-husband. Denis himself has nothing left.

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