Alas! Noom has posted a good knowledge about cannabis “dogs”.

Alas! Noom Kanjai posted a good knowledge about “dogs” and people's comments poured in to encourage Teacher Gabi to keep fighting. with severe satirical criticism

It was a post that got attention on social media Noom Kanchai Kamnerdploy The popular MC posted a picture of a scared dog on Facebook with the message:

“When the tail is tucked between the legs or called the tail pinching the ass. This is a sign seen in fearful dogs. In a pack community dogs behave this way it means they are scared or ready to run, some may even urinate. #Thanks to the owner of the film and the good knowledge.”

Many people are commenting on this post. Thousands of comments, including celebrities like lawyers Decha and Om Airawat, and netizens who came out in support of “Teacher Gabi” (nickname for our ganja).

Before posting “good knowledge” As mentioned, Num Kanchai went to Thonglor Police Station to follow the progress of the report. The 8-year-old's parents sued the group and a private attorney. Individually and as part of a company on charges of defamation by advertising

and a disturbing incident was reported around 5:45 p.m. When the family of the 8-year-old child was asked by the authorities to take fingerprints on the first floor of the police station instead of on the second floor, the lawyer questioned whether celebrity host Noom Ganjai, Nattyam Dunn Orr, was one of them and the teenager went to the toilet on the first floor. When Ganja went, the police refused to let him in. They asked me to use the floor.

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