Bitcoin price rises again to $70,000 again! After the value of BTC transactions reached the highest point in a year.

It seems that Bitcoin price will continue to show its upward potential. The coin's price has jumped back above $70,000 again, rising nearly 3% over the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap

What is interesting is that such an event comes after the daily transaction value of Bitcoin exceeded $25 billion on May 28. This is the highest value in terms of US dollars. Since the beginning of last year

Bitcoin network transaction value refers to the estimated total value of transactions on the blockchain network. This indicator helps traders understand Bitcoin trends and decide on their trading positions.

Reference information from It was revealed that coin holders transacted 367,000 BTC on May 28, the largest amount of BTC transferred since June 13, 2022 at approximately 519,000 BTC.

At the time, Bitcoin was worth around $26,500, making it worth ten cents on the dollar. The value of Bitcoin transactions is approximately $14 billion.

The interesting thing is though that the value of the deal reached its highest level in a year. But the number of transactions remained relatively normal, with YChart data showing only 596,790 Bitcoin transactions recorded per day, a moderate rate compared to May 26 and 29, when there were more than 850,000 transactions and 700,000 transactions.

Additionally, Bitcoin trading volume showed no disruption, according to data from It appears that the volume of Bitcoin transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges amounts to only $200 million.

source: Cointelegraph

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