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A leading, comprehensive and reliable beauty institute that meets the highest standards in Thailand. SLC Clinic With more than 24 branches nationwide, it is a pioneer in skin beauty innovations using the latest technologies with a team of highly experienced medical experts under its management. Dr. Pembeda Waraniwaratana, CEO SLC group Which was a huge success in Southeast Asia and nationally, Chain Clinic Group received 3 awards at the event. The 9th Annual Iconic Years Awards has come a long way and continues to do so It remains committed to developing new innovative beauty technology and organizing events SLC GRAND launches VONLEWMER With the launch of the first owner of fulnumer (and neomer) The latest medical cosmetic tools are used. It is effective in improving and restoring the skin with the highest frequency among medical devices in SLC CONCEPT CLINIC Siam Square Soi 2

During the ceremony, we were honored with Mr.Seok Sanjib (Mr. Seok Sanjib, CEO And Miss Omaporn Mithamawli (Ms Omaporn Mthmuli) Cosmetic business unit manager Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) Limited Importing and distributing medical devices to hospitals, the leading cosmetic institute in Thailand and Mr.Song Han Baek (Mr. Seung Han Baek) CEO of Classys Inc The event was attended by the latest medical device manufacturers from Korea. Join in congratulating Dr. Pimpeda Waraniwaratana, MD CEO SLC group Ready to deliver the latest beauty innovations fulnumer (and neomer) A total of 30 machines were delivered to SLC Group to continue serving customers in various branches, and there are also celebrities and actors. InfluencerMany generations like Kwan-Usamanee Vaithayanon, two rising star actors, the hottest duo from the A Tale of a Thousand Stars series, like Earth-Pirapat Watthanasesiri and Mix-Suan Union Wongrat, Waenwaen Pwa. Risa Penchat, Jum Uthumporn Silaphan, Ui Suthita Ketanont, etc. are among the media and fans interested in coming to the event.

Mr. Seung Han Baek (Mr. Seung Han Baek) CEO of Classys Inc He revealed that fulnumer The latest and most famous innovations in Korea Asia-Pacific region in the year 2024 Answer and solve the problem of face lift and changing the shape of the face. From the original innovations to impress across all genders and ages both facial and body skin, it comes with a unique design with a curved surface and hidden edges to reduce side effects. Volnewmir It's technology. RF Safest skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment using advanced radiofrequency technology. With the system frequency 6.78MHz It is the highest frequency among medical devices, and therefore it is the most stable and safe.

Mr. Seok Sanjib (Mr. Seok Sanjib) chief executive officer Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) Limited He revealed that “Quantum Healthcare Thailand, as an importer and distributor of medical equipment for hospitals. The leading cosmetic institute in ThailandIt has been importedInnovative cosmetic medical equipment technology that has been featured and widely available for over 9 years. AndRecently imported Volnewmir For sale in ThailandInsole, which is a new medical innovation technology that is more powerful and has the highest levels of safetyTo answer the problem of restoring facial skin to look more youthful and seeing efficient results quickly.

side Dr. Pembeda Waraniwaratana, CEO SLC group He said SLC The clinic was the first to lead this trend and use the machine. fulnumer It is an effective cosmetic doctor tool in lifting and tightening the skin. It helps restore collagen under the facial skin through heat generated by high frequency radio waves. fulnumer It is effective in increasing skin volume, tightening it, and revitalizing facial skin to look more youthful. It provides a clearer view of the results and is the right treatment. Combine multiple treatments at once There will beVibration system helps distribute to reduce pain AndCreate a system Water cooling Provides continuous cooling directly to the upper surface of the skin to prevent burns during energy delivery. RF It helps increase skin resistance to obtain maximum treatment results. Suitable for all genders and all ages, and young teens in particular can use the service as well.

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